Saturday, December 4, 2021

10:00am - 4:00pm EST


This is an online event. 



Loch Kelly 
Effortless Mindfulness Institute 

The Journey of Awakening with Effortless Mindfulness 

“Loch Kelly is one of the clearest expressions of authentic awakened freedom and love that I know. He offers wise, loving medicine and direct, practical guidance which evolved from Loch’s vast experience and deep commitment to help others awaken to spiritual freedom.” ~ Adyashanti

Join Loch Kelly to learn Effortless Mindfulness as a way to shift out of your chattering thoughts and live from your awake heart-mind. We will explore ways of supporting living an awakened life. It is not enough to simply wake up out of everyday ego mind to pure awareness. In order to live with your eyes open, in relationships and work, we need to familiarize ourselves with new ways of “doing from Being.”

Effortless Mindfulness is done through small glimpses of your True Nature, with eyes open in the midst of everyday life. Effortless mindfulness is ideal for our contemporary times in that it makes embodied awakening possible for all of us, without having to join a monastery or be an Olympic athlete of meditation. Awakening can become the next, natural stage of our human development.
In this approach we learn a map and method to move from Waking up — from small self, Waking as—the ground of awake awareness, Waking in —  awake awareness arises simultaneously as energy, love and embodiment, Waking out — to create and relate from embodied, loving, awake consciousness.

Loch will draw from the ancient wisdom traditions, IFS style psychology, and current neuroscience research to point us beyond our small, separate sense of self to help us live from our already awake heart-mind.

It is recommended to read Loch Kelly’s book The Way of Effortless Mindfulness: A Revolutionary Guide for Living an Awakened Life before the daylong - available HERE.