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Wednesday January 21, 2015 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM EST
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Sheryl H. Netzky 
Good Energy LLC 

Energy Alchemy: Attunement 2015

with Sheryl Netzky 

I'm so glad you're here. 

In this 4 week Mindfulness Telecourse, we'll focus on 1 Big Life Q: 

How do we learn to stay present in moments 
when we most want to press the inner eject button?  

What I love about this course is that it empowers you to become your own healer, your own energy worker.  It empowers you to attune yourself and love yourself even more, by simply learning to stay, and equips you with potent tools to do so.

Here's How. . .

Each Week's Energy Alchemy: Attunement 2015 Lesson Includes:

  • Mythic Storytelling & Guided Meditations
    What if wise stories linger in our cells?  How might that transform our worlds?
  • Energy Attunement Practices
    What if you could master skills to: call yourself into center? intuit with accuracy? forgive? heal trauma and regret? time traveling backwards and forwards effectively? love yourself wholeheartedly? learn to stay?  What if all this is really on offer here? 
  • Daily Life Applications 
    Lots of courses offer great wisdom.  Many offer transformation (thank goodness!).  This course ALSO guides you in applying the wisdom teachings into concrete daily life practices and rituals.  A rare gem of opportunity.  You'll learn how to apply the teachings to work, relationships, health, your world.
  • Remembrance Circles
    What if you're surrounded by a circle of vibratory clear mirrors during this process who devote themselves to helping you see your own shine?  Who look for the inspiration in you?  Who see your shine?
  • Micro Assessments
     What if each step of the journey you had micro assessments to amplify your success?
  • The Curiosity Project
    I wonder what you'll discover along this journey and share with our group?

Shift your State, your Habits, your World.  

Master your energy. Access your greatness. Remember your truth. Commit to your shifts.

Me.  You.  Telephones and Webcasts.  All from the convenience of your couch.  

Manifesting your deepest desires for 2015 and beyond.

4 Wednesday evenings, 7-9pm ET, 1/21/15-2/11/15. 

If you have to miss a session, know that each live Energy Alchemy session will be recorded and available after the live event.  You can listen on your phone, your ipad, and your computer, when you're ready.

As this is a first-time offering, your course fee is just $199.  This allows the course to be very affordable and ease-filled.

Course value: Priceless

30 years of Meditation Teachings Distilled = Priceless

23 years of Mastery in Teaching = Priceless

15 years of Energy Healing Practices = Priceless

Many Intuitives charge $500+/person for a 1 time group experience.

Many Life Coaches charge $300/person for just one hour session.  

Energy Alchemy: Attunement 2015, is not just an intuitive experience.  During each course, you will be benfiting from clear insights, intuited resources and distilled real-world teachings that are learnable, repeatable and highly transformative.  

This course not only offers intuitive information and coaching tools, but I'll be guiding you in learning to self-intuit for your own personal healing.  You'll be enhancing your tools to drink directly from the Source of life yourself.

Weekly Remembrance Circle meetings, arranged at your convenience.

Welcome to this exciting launchpad of Attunement.

for our dreams


If you feel called to increase your mindfulness tools, register and join me.