Serving Leader Seminar
This 1-Day Overview Seminar will Equip You and Your Team with Practical Strategies to Awaken, Align & Acheive Great Purpose.

The Serving Leader has become must reading for leaders across our region. Many business leaders, as well as nonprofit and elected leaders, are using this book to give us a common language and discipline across Greater Rochester as we work together to strengthen the culture and economy of our region.”

 -Mark Peterson, President & CEO
Greater Rochester Enterprise 

What You'll Learn:

THE 5 ACTIONS OF A SERVING LEADER — Discover the wholistic and practical framework that leads to a thriving culture rather than a compiliation of unrelated, "one-off" topics.

RUN TO GREAT PURPOSE — Powerfully connect the passion and motivation of your colleagues to your organization's vision and mission.  Strengthen organization-wide alignment.  

RAISE THE BAR — Embed the organization's values into each person's everyday practices and disciplines.
Improve both individual and organziation performance.  


Steve Bovee Dr. Steven Bovee serves as Dean of the School of Business, Professor of Business and Economics, and Coordinator of College Strategic Planning & Program Development for Roberts Wesleyan College, where he has served since 1997. Dr. Bovee teaches Strategic Management in the M.S. in Strategic Leadership program.  Each of the business school’s four graduate programs, two adult degree completion programs, and six undergraduate business majors emphasizes a serving approach to leadership as a program distinctive


 Dr. John Stahl-Wert is a  best-selling author,  speaker, and expert in  growing great leaders. He  touches the hearts of  thousands of people  through his books, keynote addresses, and work helping organizations bring out the very best in their people. John serves as president of Newton Institute and director of its Center for Serving Leadership, providing services that enable individual, organizational, and community transformation based on The 5 ActionsSM in the book, The Serving Leader.

Leadership challenges
  1. How to define a compelling vision, or "great purpose," that touches the heart, not just the head.
  2. Effectively communicate great purpose in a way that engages and motivates staff.
  3. Ensure your entire leadership buys into the vision and improve their leadership ability.
  4. Create a thriving culture that impacts your customers and makes a difference in the world.

unique leadership training
  • Learn a holistic leadership framework, not a compilation of unrelated, "one-off" topics.
  • Provide your organization with common leadership "language" enabling unity and synergy.
  • Discover how small changes in your leadership can lead to big improvements.
  • Fully align your organization around a common mission, vision, and values.
  • Build high performing teams by leveraging strengths, not improving weaknesses.

leadership how to
  • Embed purpose into everything you and your team do.
  • Know exactly which values are most important to you.
  • Eliminate wasteful systems that burden your organization.
  • Build teams aligned with purpose.
  • Better delegae and empower and others.

seminar date

Thursday, December 1, 2016
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Roberts Wesleyan School of Business
Ellen Stowe Roberts Dining Room
2301 Westside Dr., Rochester, NY 14624

seminar discounts

  • $295 early bird - EXTENDED (paid by 11/15/16)
  • save button green$395 regular registration
  • $1,195 group discount for a table of 6
  • Registration includes assessment, book, workbook, lunch, and beverages
  • Questions? Contact John Chapman at (724) 663-1617, or email him at:

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