Thursday, October 15, 2020 from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM EDT
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Renee Ranke 
Institute for Spiritual Development 
(315) 794-3227; 

Embracing the Strength of Clairsentience: Unwrapping Your Gift of Spiritual Sensitivity 

Sometimes it can be a real challenge being sensitive, right? Especially with our current environment of change, uncertainty, and fear.

This workshop, with ISD ministerial cleric Renee Ranke, will focus on clairsentience as we delve into the ‘sensitive side’ of our spiritual gifts. What is the difference between being an Empath and being Clairsentient? We will look at the similarities and the differences and work on tools and tips to help you learn to harness your sensitivity, allowing it to be a tool in your spiritual and psychic development, rather than allowing it to control you.

We will follow up the discussion with a healing guided meditation designed to spark your clairsentient gifts and allowing you to receive your own personal message from Spirit.


About Renee Ranke

Renee is a psychic medium, automatic writer, channel, spiritual healer, and ISD ministerial cleric, whose understanding of her mystical journey began after the passing of her husband and an ensuing spiritual rebirth. Much of her training has been through direct intensive communication with a remarkable Spirit Team, calling themselves the We. Her purpose is to help connect others with the guidance and wisdom that they most need and to light the path towards discovering their own Divinity.

Renee is available for private readings. Contact through her website: mysticalmomentsremembered.com or email mysticalmomentsremembered@gmail.com



This is session 2 of the "Metaphysically Speaking". Fall Series on ZOOM, presented by the Institute for Spiritual Development.  There are eight different intriguing metaphysical topics every Thursday starting on October 1st. Join us!