Sunday, June 11, 2023 from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM EDT
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 Hybrid at the Lotus Center or on Zoom. Register to attend this event on line.


Marie Inglee 
Institute for Spiritual Development 

Meet Your Teacher

Marie Inglee: 
Marie is an intuitive, certified scientific hand analyst through the International Institute of Applied Hand Analysis. She has spent decades showing people their potential for a life of greater opportunity, focus, and joy. She offers everything from a 20-minute get-to-know-you through your hands session to teaching personal hand analysis and personal guidance to your goals. 

Email: lightgirl54@yahoo.com

Phone: 607-695-HAND

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/twilightmemoriesgirl

Website: www.twilightmemories.com


We are committed to keeping ourselves accessible to our public and sharing the gift of our offerings with those interested, even through hard times. If you cannot manage the full class fee, please Click on  the "Sliding Scale" option  On the Register Now Button, and then make a more affordable Donation of no less than half of the class tuition at the DONATION BUTTON on the ISD Home Page, with a note explaining which class its for.

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Intro to Palmistry
The Answers Are In Your Hands, with Marie Inglee 

Every living thing embodies divine (of, from, or like God) potential.
We come into this world witha human blueprint in our DNA and a soul blueprint in our hands.

We run around seekinganswers “out there” when all along, we have access to the answers literally in our hands. The most specific divinatory method looks at what your soul imprinted into your fingerprints andpalms and is unique and specific to you.

Your hands give you information about your potential, your personality, and your ways of beinghuman so far. As things change, your hands reflect that. When you get lost and confused, spiritwill often place certain markers and signs in your hands to guide you and give you extra boostsof divine energy to get back on track.

Therefore, your hands are a slate that is written on inutero, and throughout your lifetime, both by you and the Divine.Join me in an interactive, educational, and FUN class to learn what to look for and what it meanswhen you and Spirit are in perfect communication.Class taught by Marie Inglee, certified hand analyst through IIHA and shamanic palmistrypractitioner.

This course is open to all Seekers empowering themselves to sharpen their intuitive gifts during these challenging times.   It also meets a requirement for the ISD Intuitive Practitioner Program.  Rolling Admission. You do NOT need to be enrolled in the Intuitive Practitioner to sign up for this course. 

Tuition: $52 or $42 for ISD Members