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Los Angeles County Office of Education
9300 Imperial Highway
Personnel Commission, EC Annex Building
Downey, CA 90242

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Karen Leon
LACOE / WRIPAC Host Agency Representative
(562) 803-8366

Creating an Equity, Inclusion and Integration is intended to raise and increase awareness about the value of creating inclusion and equity; while recognizing and celebrating unique qualities, traits, skills, gifts, and talents each individual contributes to communities in which they participate (live and work).

Through very detailed and well-crafted exercises, participants are empowered to explore layers of assumptions, stereotypes, and biases, systemic and institutionalized ideologies; which lead to biased attitudes that influence discriminatory behavior.

 Participants are also invited to reflect on the value of multi-dimensional aspects of diversity (i.e. class, age, gender, ethnicity, rights, access etc.), to understand the advantages and disadvantages that can lead to inequities; as well as strategies which will help diminish and minimize biased attitudes and effects in decision-making.

 Through this journey, participants will identify and gain a deeper understanding of the following:

  • Conscious and unconscious bias.
  • Conditions and influences which effect unconscious bias, and its impacts thoughts, attitudes, language, and behavior.
  • How certain biases are necessary and valuable for survival; while others can be detrimental, harmful, and damaging to building relationships that are viewed as different; causing some individuals to be valued more than others.
  • Understand the systems of institutional and systemic Macro-Aggressions that plague U.S. culture, through unaddressed inequities.
  • Identify and develop strategies to deprogramming thought-patterns and reactions which are counteractive to creating inclusion; while discovering steps and practices which promote fairness, integration and equity.
  • Discover the power of Micro-Affirmations as a tool to build confidence, maintain and enhance self-esteem, and sustain positive impacts to productivity and success.
  • Learn and apply processes to dismantle Macro-Aggressions.
  • Apply evaluation of institutional and systemic bias to the evaluation of HR practices (i.e. hiring selection, exams and/or management coaching, etc.); and explore ways to mitigate bias in the Employee Performance Life-Cycle (i.e. selection, training, coaching/performance management, reviews, etc.).

Through engaging multiple partners, participating in a series of small and large group discussions, along with engaging highly effective video resources; this session is designed to offer optimal rewards of personal growth through raised awareness and influencing renewed commitment to respect, dignity, consideration and regard for others’ experiences; as well as value of all life.

Participants will be able to recognize the ongoing journey and efforts of continuously becoming consciously aware of unhealthy thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors, as well as tools and mechanisms to promote consistent and persistent steps needed for sustainable positive change.

The overall goal of the program hinges on the premise that each member of an organization is personally responsible and accountable for what they say and/or do to make it inclusive and equitable, inclusive and integrated place to work; through employing fair and just practices to, and for all.

Dante King

Los Angeles County Office of Education
9300 Imperial Highway
Personnel Commission, EC Annex Building
Downey, CA 90242


Free Member-Only Registration Until February 28, 2018

One free member agency representative registration will be accepted for each member agency until February 28th. Member agencies may continue to register their free representative after this date, as long as there is space available. (The deadline is only to ensure priority access, but the free member agency registration does not expire until used.) After which point in time we will open registrations up for additional member and non-member registrations.

Early registration (by March 30, 2018) will be $300/members, or $350/non-members
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