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Study: NYC Construction Jobs Rise But Wages Remain Flat

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Private sector construction employment in New York City rose 2.4% last year to an average of 114,875, according to a recent New York Building Congress (NYBC) study based on New York State Dept. of Labor

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This location is in the Sunset Park area near the Gowanus Expressway



*D, N or R to 36th st.



Peter Altuch 

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Frequently Asked Questions

NYC Local Law 196 of 2017 will change the Construction Industry by requiring workers to earn a Site Safety Training (SST) Card 

“How do I get a Site Safety Training (SST) card?”

Either complete a 100-hour Training Program (such as a union apprenticeship),
OR  take the OSHA 10 plus 30 – 45 hours of additional SST training credits,
OR  take the OSHA 30 plus 10 – 25 hours of additional SST training credits
(this method, taking the OSHA 30, makes you eligible for the
“Site Safety Training (SST) Supervisor” card).

“When do I need to have the SST card?”

By December 1, 2018

“Can I get the SST card right now?”

No. The industry is waiting for DOB to announce
what the “hours of additional SST training credits” need to be.
A Site Safety Training Task Force will make recommendations to DOB in March,
and DOB will announce the make-up of these credits sometime after that.

“How can I prepare to earn my SST card?”

Take the OSHA 30 with OSHA 10 NY  There’s no need to wait.
We offer the OSHA 30 class every month for only $480
(or $340 if you recently took your OSHA 10 with OSHA 10 NY.
(or register online at on this website for only $465)

Our course emphasizes hazard identification, avoidance, control, and prevention, not OSHA standards. Instructional time must be a minimum of 30 hours. OSHA mandates that the 30 hours of training be broken into 15 hours of mandatory topics, 12 hours of elective topics, and 3 hours of optional topics as follows:

Mandatory – 15 hours

Introduction to OSHA – 2 hours.

Covers workers’ rights, employer responsibilities, and how to file a complaint.  It includes helpful worker safety and health resources.  It also provides samples of a weekly fatality and 3 catastrophe report, material data safety sheet, and the OSHA Log of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses (OSHA Form 300).

Managing Safety and Health – 2 hours.

May include Injury and Illness Prevention Programs, job site inspections, accident prevention programs, management commitment and employee involvement, worksite analysis, hazard prevention and control, accident investigations, how to conduct safety meetings, and supervisory communication.

OSHA Focus Four Hazards – 6 hours.

Because most construction fatalities are caused by fall hazards, falls must be covered for a minimum of one hour and 15 minutes. The other focus four hazards must be covered for a minimum of one-half hour each.  A trainer may spend up to 10 hours on this topic.

  • (1) Falls (minimum one hour and 15 minutes)
  • (2) Electrocution
  • (3) Struck-By (e.g., falling objects, trucks, cranes)
  • (4) Caught-In or Between (e.g., trench hazards, equipment)

Personal Protective and Lifesaving Equipment – 2 hours.

Health Hazards in Construction – 2 hours: May teach noise, hazard communication, and crystalline silica or any other construction health hazard.

Stairways and Ladders – 1 hour.

Elective – 12 hours: 



Peter Altuch 


OSHA 30 Hour Construction Class (4 Parts)  (in English)

JUNE 2, 3, 9, & 10TH (Sat/Sunday)

Brooklyn (Sunset Park)  9am-5:30pm

OSHA 30 "Upgrade"  If you completed your osha 10 with us during 2018 you are eligible to take this 20 hour class to complete your OSHA 30.

June 8th Friday 4pm-9:30, June 9th and 10th (Sat & Sunday) 9am-5:30pm

Exact address provided at time of registration by email.


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OSHA 30 Hours

All classes 9am-5:30pm
Part 1 June 2 (Saturday)
Part 2 June 3rd (Sunday)
Part 3 June 9th (Saturday)
Part 4 June 10th (Sunday)

OSHA 30 ("upgrade) hours

Friday, June 8th (4pm-9:30pm)
Saturday June 9th, (9am-5:30pm)
Sunday June 10th (9am-5:30pm)


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You MUST PRE-REGISTER for all courses. We cannot notify un-registered students of location changes, cancelled or /rescheduled dates.

                                                                        100% guarantee 

*Students who attend class  and do not pay online may request a refund at any time prior to any temporary or permanent card issuance.

**If you pay in advance your fee is non-refundable.  You may reschedule a class at your convenience.

OSHA 10 top merchant award

 This course is designed for construction workers, foreman, job supervisors,and anyone involved in the construction industry. OSHA recommends Outreach Training Program courses as an orientation to occupational safety and health for workers covered by OSHA.  You will receive an OSHA 30 card by mail in about 4-5 weeks, and may request a temporary OSHA 10 card at the completion of your training.  You will receive a temporary OSHA 30 card at the conclusion of the class which is legal proof that you completed the course.

Our trainers all OSHA authorized and experienced safety professionals.  This class is available in English or Spanish.  Other languages are available upon request.  If you need your OSHA Card attend this "Open to The Public" course.  Registration is available online.  It's quick and easy.  Just enter your basic personal information (name, address, etc) and method of payment.  You can register up to 10 additional students (guests) easily.  Just enter their names and e-mail address.  No extra work is needed.  You'll see the total cost for you and your guests.    No special ID is needed for the class.

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Safety University- Visit our online virtual university where you can browse over 200 safety related courses for your employees, or your own education.  Each course includes a certification of completion you can print out upon successful completion.  Course prices start at $20

*About The Instructor

C. Hunt is our OSHA Authorized Outreach Trainer for OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 courses.  He is a site safety manager in New York City and holds a number of qualifications and credentials as a safety engineer and professional:

 osha trainer credentials
*Other OSHA Authorized instructors may teach this course

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OSHA Outreach Trainer Watch List-WARNING

Don't be fooled by cheap courses!

To become an authorized trainer, you must complete a required OSHA trainer course and follow the OSHA requirements for training and recordkeeping.  Most OSHA authorized trainers are highly experienced safety professionals and abide by the OSHA required  rules, but there are a number of trainers whose status as an authorized OSHA outreach trainer has been suspended or revoked as a result of failing to comply with the Outreach Training Program guidelines.  Don't be fooled by low prices and guarantees of getting your OSHA 10 card without attending the required training.  Some fakes promise you will get your OSHA Card immediately...this can never happen.   Make sure your instructor is not on the OSHA Watch List.  False claims of having received training, may result in prosecution under 18 U.S.C. 1001.  Potential penalties include substantial criminal fines, imprisonment up to five years or both.  It's not worth the crime -you'll do the time.  Get your OSHA 10 card from an authorized OSHA 10 instructor.

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