Elaine Johnson 
Inner Light Ministries 


5 Tuesdays, November 15th - December 13th

7:00 pm - 9:30 pm


The Inner Light Center 
5630 Soquel Drive
Soquel, CA 95073

Driving Directions 

Healing Family Relationships

Rev Deborah L. Johnson 

This Holiday Season, give yourself the give of freedom. Give yourself the gift of release. How wonderful would it be to remember your spiritual power when engaged with family members? How liberating would it be to release past hurts and wounds, to put down the stories of who did or didn’t do what to whom? Imagine a sense of peace with loved ones no longer on the earth plane. How different would life be if there were no karmic pull from generations past?

What if you were able to see family members in a new light? What if you discovered new found compassion by tapping into reservoirs of forgiveness? What if communication opened that has been stymied for years? What if you simply felt comfortable with all of your family, not just some? Even if you have taken the workshop before, there are still new revelations awaiting you. Apply the principles to other areas of your life.

This workshop is an adventure into the territory described above. The terrain may appear to be hilly or rocky; it may look like a ravine or a raging river. Whether it feels like Arctic cold or Sahara heat, a path of redemption awaits your first step. Reconciliation is possible. Peace can be yours, regardless of what you or anyone else is doing or has done. Know that you are free.

Rev. Deborah L. Johnson  is a teacher’s teacher. She studies and lives with the nuance of the original texts to help us understand the intent of those tenets in our own language.  She is the Founding Minister of  Inner Light Ministries International. She has compiled two volumes of Spiritual Letters entitled, “The Sacred Yes” and “Your Deepest Intent” and is currently working on the third.