Saturday, April 9, 2022 at 1:00 PM PDT
Monday, April 18, 2022 at 1:00 PM PDT

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Malcolm Smith Adventures 
Malcolm Smith Adventures 

dirt bike adventure in Baja!


Join us for the 27th running of ‘The Baja Ride’


April 9th through 18th, 2022


Join us for our epic dirt bike adventure down the entire Baja peninsula.  1,500 miles of trails, beaches and memories.  Space is limited so reserve now.

A dream fulfilled.

Have you always dreamed about riding in Baja?  We saddle up in Ensenada and finish 7 days later at land’s end in Cabo San Lucas.  Those 7 days will be something that will stay with you forever.

Riding buddies or friends for life?

The riding is world class.  The men you meet on the ride may turn out to be your new best friend.  Like minded individuals who love dirt bikes, adventures, don’t mind putting in a good day of riding and enjoy a cold beer or two to finish the day off. 

 See Past Ride Photos...

Not a ‘Tour’

This is not a Tour.  This is a dirt bike adventure.  You will not be forced to ride in a pack or follow the leader.  You will be following a GPS at your own pace.  There will be support riders around to offer assistance if needed but the ride is your own.  You will be able to pick and choose for yourself what route you want to take each day.

The Experience

The route covers some of the most beautiful scenery and remote areas that Baja has to offer.  We have been exploring in Baja for over 50 years and can show you some places that most Baja riders don’t even know exist.  Our tracks truly set us apart from the rest.

What is included?

  • 7 Epic days of riding, about 1500 miles
  • A relax day in Cabo, free for you to enjoy fishing, shopping or anything!
  • Arrival transport from San Diego airport to start if needed
  • 9 nights double occupancy lodging
  • Use of GPS and mount with marked courses, Hard, Standard, Easy
  • Welcome Dinner, and Farewell Dinner, 2-3 BBQ lunches en route
  • Private remote fuels stops.  Some with included fuel, others with fuel for purchase.
  • Rider awards
  • Luggage transport - 50 lb limit, overweight luggage charged at $20 per lb
  • 25 years experience satisfying riders with an EPIC Baja dirt bike adventure
  • 50+ years of riding and exploring trails, both Malcolm and Alexander, to give you the best ride
  • Expert experienced support team both on the course and on the highway
  • A commemorative ride shirt
  • Bike return Cabo to start point (Ensenada)
  • Optional bike transport from Riverside to Ensenada and/or Ensenada to Riverside (additional fee applies)




Early Registration (before 10/31/21) - $4,099

Regular Registration (11/1/21 - 12/31/21) - $4,299

Late Registration (after 12/31/21) $4,599

Frequently Asked Questions

Location / Route

  • Where does the ride start? Estero Beach Hotel, Ensenada Baja Mexico
  • Where does the ride end? Cabo San Lucas, Baja Mexico
  • What is the route / overnight stops?  We do not disclose this until the day before the event starts.
  • How good of a rider do I need to be?  Our ride can accommodate all skill levels; every day has multiple routes to keep everyone entertained regardless of skill level.
  • What is the average mileage each day?  Depends on the day, some days we only do 150 miles, some days we do 300!  After 7 days of riding you should have covered approx. 1,500 miles.


  • What is the schedule? Riders should arrive in Ensenada April 9th, ride dirt bikes April 10th - 16th, rest day in Cabo April 17th, group flights depart Cabo April 18th, group arrive back in Ensenada evening of the 18th.
  • When do I need to arrive at the start?  Please arrive on the 9th of April between the hours of 11am and 3 pm.


  • How do I get to the start?  You can either drive yourself or fly into San Diego Airport and take our complementary shuttle service to the start.  We will send out directions to the start after registration.
  • How does my bike get to the start?  You can either drive yourself and your bike to the start or deliver your bike to Malcolm Smith Motorsports in Riverside prior to April 6th and have us transport it (additional fee applies).
  • How do I get home?  You can either fly directly from Cabo to your home airport or you can fly with the group back to Ensenada to pickup vehicles and the bikes.  Group airfare / ground transportation will be available for purchase through our web store as the ride gets closer.
  • How does my bike get home?  Transportation of your bike from Cabo back to Ensenada is included in your entry fee.  Your bike will arrive in Ensenada on the 18th of April (sometime in the late afternoon).  From Ensenada you can either pickup your bike yourself or have us bring it back to Riverside for you (additional fee applies).
  • How does my luggage get from night stop to night stop?  Our chase trucks and trailers transport your luggage everyday.  Limit one bag at 50 pounds per rider.
  • Will my truck / trailer be safe parked at the start while I’m on the ride?  Yes, the parking lot is secure and monitored.  We have never had a problem.
  • Do I need to bring cash? Yes, you need to bring at minimum $600 USD with you for incidential expenses.  A lot of places in Baja now take credit card payments.


  • Where do we spend the nights? In the nicest hotels available in each respective town.
  • Can I make special room requests, like preferred roommates or single occupancy rooms?  Yes and no.  You can make preferred roommate requests but we make no promises you will always get your preferred roommate.  Single occupancy room requests can not be accommodated due to limited rooms at most of our night stops.


  • Do I need a GPS?  Yes, we recommend the Garmin Montana 610 with the powered AMPS mount, or you can use one of our loaner Garmin Dakota 10 for no additional charge.
  • What is cell / Wi-Fi coverage like in Baja?  Spotty at best, most nights you will have some type of service or Wi-Fi but do not count on service during the day.
  • Do I need a sat phone?  It is not necessary but can be nice to have.  All members of our support team have sat phones and can quickly respond to any needs you may have.
  • Do I need a personal satellite tracking device like a Spot?  Yes, personal tracking devices are mandatory for all riders.  We will be working with each rider prior to the event to ensure setup is correct.
  • What gear should I pack?  We will send out a packing list to all registered riders.


  • What kind of bikes are normally on this ride?  350cc to 500cc modern four strokes, 90% are KTM/Husqvarna.
  • Are rental bikes available? Yes, we have a fleet of 2022 Husqvarna FE501s available for an additional rental fee.
  • What kind of fuel range does my bike need?  At least 115 miles on a tank, or carry enough fuel to make this range.
  • What kind of tires / tubes should I use for this ride?  Dunlop has been one of the ride's longest running sponsors and we offer AT81 tires to our riders at a significant discount prior to the ride.  Tubes are not supported on this ride, we strongly recommend using Nitro Mousse foam inserts, we will also offer these to our riders at a significant discount prior to the ride.
  • What should I do to my bike prior to the ride?  You should start the ride with new tires, mousses, chain, sprockets, oil and a freshly serviced bike.  Anything broken, non-functional or leaking should be fixed prior to the ride.
  • Does Malcolm Smith Adventures carry spare parts for my bike?  If you are riding a 2013 to current KTM or Husqvarna 350cc to 500cc four-stroke the answer is probably yes.  We also carry oil, chemicals and tools for working on your bike at night.
  • Do I need insurance on my bike?  Yes, for the entire time your bike is in Baja.  Purchase policies through Baja Bound.


More Information

See prior rides videos, participants, comments and lots more information at www.malcolmsmithadventures.com