Come to the most unique faith-based security event of the year --the only one of its kind. July 26th and 27th in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The annual SOS (Security Operations Summit). Take a look at just a sample of the presenters...



PLUS The murder attack at New Life Church in December of 2007 remains as the only time a designated church security team stopped an active killer after he had started killing. For the first time ever, hear not only the real details of what went down, but also the changes this has had on team operations and procedures. A joint presentation by Carl Chinn (one of 4 defenders in the hallway during the attack) and Chris Zook (current Director of the New Life Church, Life Safety Minsitry)



Friday, July 26, 2019 at 7:00 AM MDT
Saturday, July 27, 2019 at 4:00 PM MDT

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Woodmen Valley Chapel 
290 East Woodmen Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80919-1359

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Carl Chinn 
Faith Based Security Network 


Carl Chinn 
Faith Based Security Network 

The Faith Based Security Network (FBSN) believes the best teachers are those who have experienced what they talk about. The most critical presentations are by security team leaders who actually do it; deadly force teachers who have experienced it; faith-based educational safety by those who protect kids every day and church administration concepts by seasoned administrators. Look through the SOS 2019 speakers and you will see just that.

And, SOS attendees are vetted to confirm they actually serve a legitimate faith-based organization or are current active duty law-enforcement. Some speakers share more detailed information with vetted audiences; the FBSN gave them that assurance. SOS attendees are with other faith-based and law-enforcement professionals hearing unfiltered raw truths from those who have pioneered in this great endeavor we call church security.

Due to the nature of selecting a vetted audience, SOS registrations are more detailed than normal events. It is a process, but that is what it takes to assure you and others that you will be part of that vetted audience.

That is just one of the things that makes the FBSN SOS a genuine summit.



That's right, there are no recordings. To record such an event would negate the process and value of a vetted audience. 


Looking back for perspective; moving forward with solutions.

Friday Key-Note: Charl van Wyk: Charl was in a church service in Africa when terrorists stormed in with AK-47’s and grenades. 11 died, but Charl returned fire with a .38 revolver putting the terrorist fleeing. Charl champions the right and duty of responsibly armed defenders, while modeling our primary mandate of being true ambassadors for Christ.

Saturday Key-Note: Stephen and Pam Willeford: Stephen Willeford is most famous for using his A/R to stop an active killer at Sutherland Springs, TX church on November 5th, 2017. Hear his remarkable story. Stephen's wife (Pam) has a remarkable story as well, This is the first time we know of that both have told their individual stories of that day.

Greg Stevens: The full 1-hour presentation on overcoming terrorists armed with AK-47’s with his Glock on May 3rd, 2015. Greg was the first officer to engage ISIS-inspired terrorists in America. It did not end well for them. Greg speaks publicly despite being on terrorist hit lists. Hear him tell how his faith & dedication to training is applicable to armed defenders of the faithful.

Tim Rupp: Tim is the pastor of a church in Idaho, who understands first-hand the spiritual ramifications of being in a gun battle. Before he was a pastor, he was a police officer. Tim is the author of many books, including “Pistols in the Pulpit.” He is president of The Strong Blue Line.

In a special panel discussion, Charl, Stephen, Greg, Tim and Mike Swihart will openly talk about being a Christian forced to use deadly force on killers threatening (and / or taking) innocent lives.


Lance Coles: Lance is an Executive Pastor at New Life Church in Colorado Springs managing Central Operations. In 2005, Lance oversaw the implementation of the Life Safety Ministry of the church. The name, “Life Safety Ministry” first came from Lance Coles. Lance's perspective of biblically based church operations spans 30 years of the life-giving culture of New Life Church. This is the first church security conference we are aware of, that a veteran Mega Church Executive Pastor has spoken of their journey in the Biblical mandates behind serving in such a role. Lance's work is credited in the book, Evil Invades Sanctuary. 

Laura Carno: Laura takes on the impossible, and wins. While many talk about gun laws in schools, Laura really knows those laws. Many school districts in Colorado (based on momentum from Ohio) now have responsibly armed staff and  defenders in the schools protecting their kids. Hear how Laura has led this movement and consider the applicability to faith-based operations.

Bob Klamser: Bob is the president of Crisis Consulting International (CCI). There is no other entity more trusted by more over-seas ministries than CCI. Bob is the authority on training missionaries for overseas work including those in closed and hostile countries.

Mike Diggs: Mike is the Director of Security at the 18,000 member San Diego Rock Church. Hear how he built their well-ran program to where it is today. Much of that plan is centered around their K-12 Academy. Mike will present to the full audience as well as participating in a break-out with others seasoned in faith-based education security.

Rob and Darla Caudle: Darla Caudle is the Administrator of High-Country Home Educators (HCHE). Her husband, Rob served as the safety planner for the HCHE for over 15 years as the school operated in the New Life Church facilities. Rob's work is credited in the book, Evil Invades Sanctuary. HCHE is a bible-based K-12 program serving homeschooling families from all over Colorado. HCHE also operates an independent school. Rob and Darla will be on the leadership panel of a break-out session on Faith-Based Education security. Long before New Life Church's, Life Safety Ministry, the safety of children in the HCHE was a priority.

Vaughn Baker: As President of Strategos, Vaughn has perfected training designed specifically for faith-based operators and pioneered taking that training mobile. That success is due to his credentialed past and recognition of responsible civilian defenders.

Jamie Richards: Jamie is from the government, and here to help. No really, she is. Jamie is a Protective Security Advisor with the Department of Homeland Security, Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency. Much of her work focuses on faith-based properties. Learn about DHS programs for American churches in every state. In many states, that includes the DHS risk / vulnerability assessment program.

Returning speakers from last year will include Brian McPike, James Friedman, Brian Gallagher, Donald Hawkins and Carl Chinn. 

Break-out sessions will include decisional shoot / no shoot laser training, government resources, church security SOP’s, Faith-Based Education security practices, Training / Certifications / Standards, Coalition Development and other works of the FBSN SIGs (Special Interest Groups).





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Embassy Suites Colorado Springs 0.9  $                     216.00
Staybridge Suites Co Springs-Air Force Academy 0.8  $                     184.00
Fairfield Inn & Suites Colorado Springs Air Force Academy 0.8  $                     182.00
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The event is 78 miles from Denver International Airport and 19 miles from the Colorado Springs Airport.

This is a working event. We start early each day & stick to a schedule. There will be mobile food trucks for a 45 minute lunch each day. There will be optional "work-through-lunch" events both days for those who want to maximize effective time.