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Thompson Private Letter Annual Subscription Campaign 

New Low Price!

As you may recall, we only advertise the Thompson Private Letter  (TPL) in May and June of each year.  Once again, this time is upon us.  You will receive only two emails on this subject--this one and one about mid-June.

The good news is, now, going into its fourth year, TPL has reached a volume of subscriptions such that we can afford to lower the price. The new price is USD 49.00 per year!  No more categories of subscriptions--everyone receives the same low price.

So what did TPL subscribers learn in the past year?

A sampling--

  • TPL was skeptical of the St. Francisville restart from the beginning--two months before it actually restarted in August and six months before it fell into bankruptcy.
  • A review of US Supreme Court environmental cases from the 2008-2009 season showed of the five cases decided by the Court, environmentalists won none.
  • TPL called the current pulp and paper recovery in August (in April 2010, the PM40 reached an all time high).
  • TPL had several interesting perspectives on the effects of the black liquor subsidy for pulp producers worldwide.
  • TPL revealed that, through our 2nd Tuesday Surveys, we discovered 50% of respondents believe their mills will close due to environmental costs within the next 10 years.
  • Reasons why TPL believes Value Prior to Pulping (VPP) and biorefineries on exisiting mill sites will fail were explored in several articles.
  • Why TPL believes the pulp and paper industry will be sued for global warmng or global climate change.
  • Why TPL thinks the away-from-home tissue business is in for some earth-shattering changes in the next five years.

and much, much more.

Just one article, of the 120 presented every year, could mean significant opportunities or disasters averted for your company.

Especially at the new low price, isn't it time you started receiving the TPL perspective?

Just click "Resigster Now" to complete the subscription process.

100% Money-back Guarantee


And, just like all our Paperitalo Publications subscription products, this one comes with a 100% money back guarantee--if any time during the year you don't think TPL is worth the subscription price, we will cheerfully refund it.  Do you know any other publication in our industry that can make this claim?