LGM Institute


Ed Turner, Executive Director

Light Green Machine Institute 


Saturday January 15, 2011 at 1:00 PM 
Sunday January 16, 2011 at 1:00 PM 

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Hilton Atlanta Airport 
1031 Virginia Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30354

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Light Green Machine Institute 2011 Conference 

Light Green Machine Institute

2011 Conference

January 15 -16, 2011

Atlanta Airport Hilton, Atlanta, Georgia


Learn what you can do with Light Green Machine Principles--

  • How to save money now without spending beyond your current budget
  • How to plan for future projects to reduce capital costs and shorten schedules
  • How to apply Light Green Machine principles to your daily production activities for increased profits


This will be the highest value, lowest cost conference opportunity you will have in 2011.

Conference Topics and Speakers 

Topics you will be able to apply immediately:

> Low cost, low weight replacement piping for wet end applications--Pat Gannon, Ameron ($$)

> Low cost, low weight, low maintenance alternatives for atmospheric wet-end vessels--Pat Gannon, Ameron ($$)

> Light Weight Aggregate for concrete applications--Michael Robinson, Carolina Stalite ($$$)

> Light Weight Rolls and Steel Dryers ($$$$)

> Removal of dead equipment and piping for immediate gains--Art Sferlazzo, R. Baker & Son ($$$$)

Longer term topics:

> Steel Dryers--Dave Bennett, Corrosion Probe, Inc. ($$$$)

> Steel Yankees available now!--John Schamell, Andritz ($$$$)

> Effects of Lighter Components on Emissions--Mike Ryan, Process Laboratories ($$$$)

> Control Valve Elimination--Jim Thompson, TAII ($$$$)

* $$ modest savings * $$$ larger savings * $$$$ huge savings

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Highly qualified speakers are still being accepted.  Email edturner45@gmail.com if you are interested



        A limited number of table top displays will be available.



For further information concerning anything about the conference, please contact

Ed Turner  (edturner45@gmail.com or phone 281.615.9883)


Jim Thompson (jthompson@taii.com or phone 678.206.6010)



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This conference will show you how to save money in 2011 with principles you will not learn anywhere else.

SUNDAY MORNING PANEL:  How removing dead equipment and structures livens the Balance Sheet and P & L Statement

Panel Leader and Moderator:  Mr. Ed Turner (retired)  (former mill manager, Union Camp, Franklin, Virginia; IPMC,  Detroit, MI and Pasadena Paper, Pasadena, TX)

We expect to report on progress on the Basic Machine Index (TM) Project, which is already underway.

Tabletop supplier displays are available.  Please click here.

The first conference, held May 1, 2010 in Atlanta, received enthusiastic support.  Every respondent to the feedback form said they would likely attend the next conference.

You will want to take advantage of  early bird conference registration and our limited supply of hotel rooms by registering now.

1 Oct 10 through 30 Nov  10:            $250.00

After 1 Dec 2010:                                $300.00