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Jeanne Mann 
Virginia Mediation Network 

Virginia Mediation Network Membership 2020 

It’s time to renew your Virginia Mediation Network membership. Join VMN as we celebrate 30 years as one of the largest statewide mediation organizations and is the voice for professional mediators in Virginia. VMN membership can significantly enhance your marketability as a mediator.

Renew early in the year and take advantage of discounts on Webinars and Conferences all year long!  Choose the Basic, Enhanced, or Student Membership and see how VMN can benefit you and your practice today. 

VMN will increase the Basic Membership fee February 1, 2020 to $150.   The rate for the Enhanced Membership will increase to $200.   Student Membership will be reduced to $25. 

Membership runs from January 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020.


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 Basic Membership: $150 

VMN Basic Membership offers reduced rates for conferences, free or  reduced cost teleseminars, informative newsletters throughout the year  and the “Find a Mediator - Basic” page listing which includes your name,  phone number and email address in a searchable database. Your  information will be included in VMN’s internet accessible database AND  in Google and other search engines.

Enhanced Membership: $200 

VMN Enhanced Membership includes all the benefits of “Basic  Membership” PLUS the “Find a Mediator - Enhanced page listing which  includes your name, address, phone number, email address AND your photo,  a link to your website, and a descriptive paragraph about your business  and services. This additional information should be emailed to VMN at virginiamediationnetwork@gmail.com. Your information will be included in VMN’s  internet accessible database and in Google’s index AND the link to your  website will elevate your placement in Google and other internet searches.

Student Membership: $25.00

Student Membership is open to full time, higher education students  and newly trained mediators interested in getting a head start in the  professional mediation community. To qualify for this category, please  submit proof that either you are a full time student (copy of a current  student ID card) or that you completed basic 20-hour mediation training  within the last three months (training certificate signed and dated by  your trainer). This membership includes all of the benefits of the Basic  Membership but does not include the Find a Mediator page.