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Saturday, March 9, 2019 from 8:45 AM to 5:45 PM GMT
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Black Dragon Miniatures 
4-6 Coventry Road
Hinckley LE10 0JT
United Kingdom

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Black Dragon Miniatures 
01455 611813 

1250 Point - 3 Game Tournament

Lists to be submitted to firstandonly@yahoo.co.uk Store Email on the prior Wednesday to the event. Please be aware there will be a 1 point tournament deduction for late entries.

Price is 12.00 per registrant.

Prizes will be awarded for the top two finishers (and possibly more depending on numbers)


1. Scenarios will be announced on the day, and will be played ignoring break points

2. No 7th Turns

3. Challenge and Divine Intervention can only be used once per turn per army

4. All games will operate under victors take the spoils. (if a game ends by total wipeout the scenario is a win for the remaining combatant)

5. 1250 points maximum, plus the following maximum Magic Level 1 for casters, and no units with key word Monstrosity or Fly keywords.

6. All spells after the first have to be paid for, and cant be changed after list submission.

7. Combat Resolution - Wounds count as pins

8. All spells that do D6 effect are reduced to D3

9. -1 Accuracy against any unit size of 3 or less models, this rule only applies to units without the Large keyword

10. Retained Run Order - allows any unit a move at the start of the turn, if mulitples dice off.


Point Totals -

  • Points will be awarded as follows:
  • 5 points for scenario victory
  • 3 Points for scenario draw
  • 1 Point for a scenario defeat
  • Up to 5 Bonus Kill Points per game. 

Tournament Organiser is the final judge for any issues involving interpretation of rules.