Dawn of War Part 1


Saturday, March 4, 2023 from 8:45 AM to 6:00 PM GMT
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Black Dragon Miniatures 
4-6 Coventry Road
Hinckley LE10 0JT
United Kingdom


Garry Sharp 
01455 611813 


By Car

We are the hinckley town centre end of Coventry Road, Hinckley, so some Sat Navs will try and take you to the middle of the road.  LE10 0JT

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Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council
Trinity Lane West
Trinity Lane
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Parking is 2.50 all day

By Train

The train station is a 7-8 min walk from the store and information is here


Dawn of War - 1995 point Tournament

Warhammer 6th Edition

Cost 20.00 Inc Light Lunch



  • We will be using a lot of the core tournament ideas, laid down by the infamous Alex Storch, and have a very similar philosphy to have fun, rather than to be to focused on winning.
  • Rules Books All games will be played using the 6th Edition Rule book as well as the rules, errata and clarifi cations from the relevant Annuals and Chronicles. For rules queries we will also be using the DW Faq.
  • Armies - Your army can be made up of any models that accurately represent the warriors in your army list, they do not have to be Citadel/GW models.
  • Proxy models are not allowed.
  • We encourabge models to be painted with at least three colours and be based. You will be penalised with tournament points for any models that do not meet these requirements from the table, even if it’s your Lord on a Dragon!
  • Special and named characters are not allowed.
  • Armies can only be selected from their relevant 6th Edition army books unless the army was only released as a White Dwarf army.
  • Storm of Chaos armies are allowed. 
  • The later Dwarf Army book, frequently called the ‘6.5’ Edition is allowed.
  • No back of the book lists are allowed nor are armies from ‘the internet’, ‘The Citadel Journal’ or any other publications without permission from the TO.
  • If you are unsure please contact me.
  • All attendees are expected to prepare a 1995 point list and not a single point more.
  • All lists are to be sent to me at firstandonly@yahoo.co.uk  with the subject line of ‘Chaos Rising’. Please have two versions of your list available throughout the day, one for the Umpires to look at, this will be a full list with all magic items and a second list for y our opponent to see if he or she requests, this list will not show magic items and banners etc.
  • Players must make sure that the army list they hand in is correct and conform exactly to the army that you will be using. All weapons, armour options and upgrades must be shown on the majority of the models in each unit. The Umpires will check the army lists scrupulously and any errors will incur a points deduction. It goes without saying that players should check and double check their lists before registering on Saturday morning. LIST SUBMISSION DEADLINE IS THE WEDNESDAY PRIOR TO THE EVENT
  • Dogs of War armies may be taken as per the Warhammer Annual 2002. In addition, other armies (including Ravening Hordes or White Dwarf updated armies) may take any Core, Special or Rare Unit from the list in the Warhammer Annual as a Rare Unit in his own army. Albion units are selected as normal.
  • Note that Dogs of War armies may use the various Regiments of Renown as listed in White Dwarf, but other armies may not select them as Rare choices. 
  •  You will be expected to bring all the paraphernalia required to play the game, including but not restricted to : All the required models.
  • Movement trays, these speed the game up and obviously make movement easier. • Dice,including artillery and scatter dice. Please use easy to read dice. It can be very tricky to read the score/dots on some funky, coloured dice, especially dark green, red and purple ones especially for those who su er from various forms of colour blindness. So please be mindful that it’s embarrassing to ask what the result is repeatedly bexause you cannot quickly see for yourself.
  • Your army book and any supplements, it’s sometimes helpful to print out any army specifi c rules onto a separate sheet. Noting that your opponent may not be familiar with your army.
  • The main rule book and supplements if there are rules therein that relate to your army. • The event will undoubtedly have some players who are a li le rusty, please do all you can to ease them back into the Warhammer World. 
  • Always be mindful, unlikely as it may seem, that some players might interpret a rule differently than yourself.
  • Games are 6 turns long or up to 2 hours long, including setting up. You will be expected to play at a decent pace as time is of the essence. While we appreciate if you’re a little rusty or have a horde army that it can be tough, but games must be finished on time otherwise scoring and organising the next round is a nightmare.
  • All attempts should be made so that if a game cannot reach a conclusion that both players play the same amount of turns. Purposely playing slowly is not acceptable.
  • While there will be umpires available please do your utmost to solve any issues yourself by discussing it or even rolling a D6. If this is not satisfactory then please call an Umpire. The Umpires’ decision will be fi nal and made in good faith. We obviously cannot guarantee to get it right all the time but will endeavour to do so.
  • Be aware that an umpire will comment on a game in progress if they see an error being made. 
  • On no account should you offer an opinion or advice on a game in progress nor should you remind a player to rally a unit etc… Nor should you take a seat next to a player during a game as this can be intimidating to the opponent. 
  • Just watch like any other neutral player would.
  •  If you do spot an error being made in game please have a quiet word with an umpire.
  • It’s strongly suggested that you agree what constitutes a cocked dice with your opponent before the game starts. 
  • While this is meant to be a fun event there are quite clearly rules and sequences to follow. If you forget to rally a precious unit or indeed skip a phase altogether, I’m afraid that’s too bad. It’s not up to your opponent to remind you and he or she should not be made to feel guilty for not allowing you to do something out of sequence.


Each game will be played against using specific scenarios to this event will be used.

After a game Tournament Points (TP) will be assigned based on the result as follows:

Victory                        5 TPs

Draw                           3 TPs

Loss                             1 TPs

Time out/Concede       0 TP (with no bonus for attrition score)

Damage Inflicted
This is the total number of points you have Routed of the other players army. This means that you may score a victory, but should your army be decimated by your opponent, that victory will be a hollow one.
Once the number is worked out, consult the table below for the adjustment to both players’ scores:  

Points modifiers -

  • full value of unit, destroyed, routed or off the board at the end of the game.
  • more than half the unit killed, 1/2 points value of unit
  • enenmy general killed 100 bonus points


Late list submission will be penalised 1 TP.

Armies meeting a 3 colour minimum paint and basing standard will gain 3 TPs, less than this or borrowed armies will be reduced away from the 3 max. 

Final tournament placing will be decided on TPs, with cumulative margin of victory used to in the event of a tie.

Crowd at the Table

If one player feels discomfort with amount of spectators present at their table, they may request them to step aside. When this happens, a referee will ask everyone around to step away from the table.