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Clinical Acupressure 2: Meridians
January 31, February 1-5, 2022 
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Note: Class times can be flexible to meet student needs. Please contact instructor.

Monday, Jan 31st: 11am - 2pm est
Tuesday, Feb 1st: 11am - 2pm est
Wednesday, Feb 2nd: 11am - 7pm est
Thursday, Feb 3rd: 11am - 7pm est
Friday, Feb 4th: 11am - 7pm est
Saturday, Feb 5th: 11am - 7pm est

A Skilled-Touch Follow-up session may be required. See information below.

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Alvina Quatrano


Clinical Acupressure 2: Meridians

This course is an intensive overview of the energetic meridian system used in Chinese Medicine, with a special focus on how to recognize, locate, and access these meridians in clinical practice. The purpose of this program is to provide an understanding of the Chinese meridian system, the energetic flow in the body and the chakras so that health care professionals, including nurses, can expand their health and healing repertoire for their patients/clients, their friends and family, and themselves; to see the body as more than a collection of physical symptoms and parts. The Western model of illness is expanded to include a holistic vision of the individual and the different paths to healing.

This course is required for the Clinical Acupressure Certification Program.

Pre-requisite: Clinical Acupressure 1: Basic Applications

CE: 30 contact hours for nurses and massage therapists

Full Tuition: $745 (Discounted from $795 due to Covid-19)
To repeat this class: 50% Member Discount

Note: There will be no refund available after you have received your class manual.

Before You Register

Verify whether you will require additional
Skilled Touch Follow-up

Touch feedback and accurate point location are essential to the core content of this class, and to your developing skills as a practitioner. Because of the ongoing pandemic, we know that some of our students may arrive at this class (CA2: Meridians) having taken all of their pre-requisites via webinar + 6-12 hours of face-to-face instruction from a Skilled Touch Practitioner (STP).

Students who have ONLY received hands-on instruction from a Skilled-Touch Practitioner (vs a regular faculty member) will be required to attend a 3-hour Skilled Touch Follow-up session with a member of the Soul Lightening core faculty. This session is designed to provide the student with individualized coaching, and may be completed either before or after attending the CA2: Meridians class. After class, your letter of completion will be sent once your skilled-touch follow-up session has been verified. Cost of the follow up session will be $65, paid directly to the instructor.

Please contact your instructor directly to discuss whether this requirement applies to you.

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Safe Practice Policy

To minimize the health risks of COVID-19, the attached guidelines apply to all Soul Lightening International faculty, skilled touch practitioners, and students. 

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