PMP® Practice Exams


Subscriptions to exams begin after payment has been recieved and registration has been completed. Please follow registration instruction. 


All practice exams will be available via the internet throguh individual login until your subscription expires.


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5th Edition PMBOK® questions. Immediate and unlimited access for 6 months to a great variety of PMP® practice exams. Take either short, ten-minute quizzes or full 4-hour exams. Options are available to focus on a specific process group or a knowledge area you are focusing on studying. Options are available for immediate question feedback (best for learning) or deferred feedback to the end (to make it feel more like the real exam). Options are available to choose easy, medium, or difficult question exams. There is also an exam option that focuses only on formulas. 

Utilizing practice exams is the most highly recommended exam preparation study technique. 

Click here for a PDF screen capture of the list of mock exams and quizes available to you!

All questions were written and are supported by Kay Wais and Frank P. Saladis.


Price and Benefits of the PMP® Practice Exam

The virtual subscription for the PMP® practice exams is $25 and includes:

  • Questions pulled from the 5th Edition PMBOK®
  • Varying levels of difficulty
  • Immediate question feedback
  • Has the feel of a real exam
  • Questions by Kay Wais and Frank P. Saladis
  • Effective preparation method
  • Hundreds of different questions

Exams are accessed online via Moodle, enrollment key provided after purchase.