Families Moving Forward (FMF) Specialist Training

We are actively building a "Families Moving Forward (FMF) village" across the country.  FMF Specialists are approved to deliver FMF, an evidence-based intervention clinically proven to help families, and their children, ages 3-13 years, living with prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE) or fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD).  We welcome master's level professionals in counseling, social work, psychology or related fields working with families with children living with PAE/FASD, in person or via telehealth.  Become a forerunner on this mission! Take advantage of this unique opportunity to apply for the Families Moving Forward (FMF) Specialist Training.

The Families Moving Forward (FMF) Specialist Training is a six-day course (additional days added for larger trainings up to 12 participants) that teaches professionals to deliver the scientifically validated FMF Program intervention to families.  To learn more about Families Moving Forward, visit: www.familiesmovingforwardprogram.org 

 FMF Specialist Training:

  • Learn scientifically validated strategies to help children living with PAE and/or FASD and their families
  • Gain a thorough understanding of FASD & PAE, including associated stigma from leading psychologists in the field
  • Practice and support in using actual session materials to become comfortable with the clinical process
  • Access to the online FMF Portal for full intervention materials specially designed for this clinical population
  • Be a PAE and FASD-informed provider 

FMF Specialist Training costs $2500 per clinician. Organizations can train multiple clinicians and supervisors to become an FASD-informed agency offering the FMF Program. FMF Intervention fidelity training follows which is 10 to 18 one-hour virtual consultations as you see your first clients, billed at $150/hr.   

How to Apply

1. Request your FMF Specialist Training Application at the top left of this page (no payment necessary), to receive an email with the application link.

2. Send your completed application, along with your resume, to training@thefloridacenter.org. 

3. Application deadline date is Monday, February 26, 2024.  Early application is recommended due to demand and limited seating.   

4. Your application will be reviewed by the FMF Program Office.

5. Upon application approval, payment will be made to The Florida Center Training Institute.

Training Dates

The Spring 2024 FMF Specialist Training dates are March 18, 19, 20, 25 and April 1, 8, 2024.  Additional dates of April 15 & 22, 2024 are dependent upon class size.


  • Graduate (Master’s or Doctoral) degree in counseling, social work, psychology or related fields)
  • Licensed in your profession. You may be in the process of becoming licensed, under supervision
  • Must be eligible to deliver clinical services
  • Previous training or coursework in Motivational Interviewing
  • Previous training or coursework in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Recommended (but not required):

Training/education about FASD; Experience working with individuals with FASD; Familiarity with positive behavior support (PBS), Experience with standardized testing; Personal or work experience with the field of FASD, such as being an advocate or knowing someone who has a diagnosed FASD; Clinical work experience with individuals in substance abuse/treatment/recovery.

Approval of application is required.

Continuing Education Hours - Florida only
The Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy, and Mental Health Counseling has approved 30.0 CEs for Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Licensed Mental Health Counselors and Certified Master Social Workers through Florida CEBrokers. 


FMF Specialist Trainer:

Anika Trancik, Ph. D., Neuropsychologist and FASD Expert

Dr. Trancik is a licensed child clinical psychologist who specializes in FASD diagnosis, treatment, and prevention, with over a decade of research experience in the field.  She served as a neuropsychologist on the Florida Center for Early Childhood FASD Clinic team for 14 years.  Florida Center's FASD Clinic is the State's first and only state-wide diagnostic and intervention clinic.  Her career in the field of FASD began 20 years ago while enrolled in graduate school at the University of Washington.  During that time she assisted Dr. Carmichael Olson in developing the FMF Program as a scientifically-validated FASD intervention.  She is now the primary FMF trainer on the East Coast.  



FASD Overview

What is FASD?

FASD stands for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders. It refers to the effects on children’s development that can occur when alcohol is consumed during pregnancy. Conditions that fall into the category of FASD may include learning or behavior disabilities, and sometimes physical effects such as smaller growth or characteristic facial features.

Is that similar to Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?

Yes, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) is a seen as a medical condition. It falls under the heading of FASD. FASD also includes other classifications. There are many children with FASD.

Families Moving Forward Program

What is the Families Moving Forward (FMF) Program?

The FMF Program is a positive parenting intervention designed to help families raising children between 3 and 13 years old, or who are older but at a functional level in this range. The program aims to help children who have concerning behavior problems and are affected by prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE), with or without an FASD diagnosis. This behavioral consultation intervention combines a positive behavior support (PBS) approach with motivational interviewing, CBT for caregivers, and other scientifically validated treatment techniques.

How does FMF work?

The FMF intervention is delivered individually to families by trained FMF Specialists. The FMF Specialist meets with the caregiver for a series of sessions addressing issues involved with raising children with FASD or affected by prenatal alcohol exposure. Each session lasts about 90 minutes, every other week, and the overall program typically lasts 7-11 months. There is a version that allows 60-minute weekly sessions, though that means there will be more visits with the family. Session topics are designed to be addressed in a particular order, but sessions can easily be customized to suit the needs of individual families.

What are the principles used in the FMF Program? 

The FMF Program is based on the idea that children with FASD have brain-based difficulties (neurological impairments) that are the underlying cause of many learning and behavioral problems. FMF Specialists help parents learn concepts such as "reframing" and "accommodations." These ideas help them change their own knowledge and attitudes— and how they manage the child, which leads to improvements in the child's behavior.

Testimonials from FMF Specialists

The light bulbs just went on…

Caregivers are often so busy dealing with the day-today that they don’t have the time to put together thepieces of the behavioral puzzle. I often hear the phrase,

‘…the light bulbs just went on.’ The main reason I’m enthusiastic [about FMF] is because of the enthusiastic response caregivers give me.

The perfect core session or optional module is there…

On numerous occasions, parents have told me what they have been thinking, what skills they need to be a better parent, or that they are ready to move beyond their current knowledge because FMF has helped them… and I look down at the intervention flow outline, and the perfect core session or optional module is there ready for me to use.

I honestly feel that I’ve been inspired and touched…

[FMF teaches] skills [that] can empower parents to take actions to put their child’s life on a more positive course.



Training offered under the auspices of The Florida Center Training Institute in association with the Families Moving Forward Program Office