First Meeting

Tuesday, January 7, 2020 from 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM PST


Santa Rosa Metro Chamber 
50 Old Courthouse Square #110                                       Santa Rosa CA 95404

Driving Directions 


Mike Silvas 
SCORE Chapter 450 

Fundamentals of Accounting - 01/07/20 - C0450

Are you running your business by the seat of your pants?  If you don’t know your numbers, and what they mean, you don’t know your business! 

Regardless if you hire an accountant or bookkeeper YOU must understand how your business finances work. Keeping current and accurate financial records will help you make better business decisions.  Understanding how your financials are used to prepare your tax return, or obtain financing from investors or banks are essential for solid growth and profitability.  Learn how to create an income (profit and loss) statement, a balance sheet, and a cash flow forecast.  With a strong understanding of what your financials mean you will make better business decisions.

 Discounted fees available for Members of the Santa Rosa Metro Chamber of Commerce.

Key Topics:

  • Basic financial terms
  • Setting up your books, your records, what to keep and how to organize them.
  • Customers are key – They are your income and your cash flow
  • Vendors need to be paid – How to track your expenses
  • Inventory – Too much?  Too little?
  • Payroll, HR, Independent Contractors – Your workforce
  • Financial statements – Balance sheet, income statement

Learning Outcomes:

  • How to read and understand your financial statements and the actions to take
  • Estimating your cash flow needs
  • Why you need to keep records
  • Tax implications of business choices
  • Feel confident you are running your business in compliance with accounting principles
The Presenter: Penny Millar

Penny is a partner with the CPA firm of Dillwood Burkel & Millar, LLP.  She specializes in small business accounting, tax, and consulting.  As managing partner, she is also involved with every aspect of running a business, including invoicing, payables, payroll, and financial reporting.




Thank you to Santa Rosa Metro Chamber of Commerce for co-sponsoring this workshop.

Business owners are the front line/salesperson for their product or service. AND YET - It may feel scary to talk to unknown people, feeling unsure if your product will interest them, being disheartened when prospects say “no” to your solution. This workshop will help you identify and move past the fear, increase your ease with sales and move to enjoying interactions with potential customers.


Some of the Tools and Skills You Will Learn: 

         Engage prospective clients with ease, comfort and fun!  

         Qualify your prospect list. 

         Build a sales campaign to warm up cold leads so that prospects respond to your call. 

Provide you with multiple tools to motivate and move through sales slumps and celebrate sales closures.