Friday's - January 22nd, 29th,February 5th,12th, 26th 2021

Via zoom - camera is required and a computer or large tablet is required as this is an interactive participatory class and is not best accessed by cell phone.

Feedback from earlier trainings...

"I wasn't sure how a virtual training would work, but this exceeded my expectations. The breakout rooms worked well for providing opportunities to practice and apply."  B.L. 2020

"Best virtual class I have ever attended.  I was so impressed at how interactive it was and how people really participated." S.R. 2020

"Great class, I had a lot of fun, thank you so much for providing us with everything we need, including encouragement and support! "  M.L. 2020

"I really enjoyed this training and am so excited to use this method to help kids!" T.S. 2020


Leslie Kesson, M.A.; Certified Master Trainer - Orton Gilllingham International; CE/AOGOPe & A/AOGPE 


Registration - $765.00
Groups of 4 or more - $735.00 per person
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Shipping of materials is $30 per registation (Continental US - you must register by January 10 to ensure on-time delivery)

Picking up Denver (near Alameda and Quebec is at no charge.

All materials required for full implementation of the program are included in the cost of the course.

Certificate of Attendance or Graduate Credit Certificates of attendance are provided to all participants. Graduate Credit is also available by separate registration with Adams State University. Three graduate credits are offered upon completion of the course at  a cost of $165.00 (subject to change); registration details will be provided during class.

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Elenn Steinberg, Director
Orton Gillingham International, Inc. 


Virtually Amazing Yoshimoto Orton-Gillingham Training

Virtual Orton Gillingham International 40 hour Training 
This five-day O.G. training will focus on a data-driven, clinical, multisensory, phonetic, teacher guided Yoshimoto Orton Gillingham approach to teaching reading, writing and spelling in the whole classroom, small group, and one-to-one settings. Upon completing this course participants will have acquired the skills necessary to fully implement this data-driven solution for teaching reading to all students.  Teachers implementing the Yoshimoto method with fidelity are demonstrating consistent and significant growth that is being replicated across the U.S. Perhaps more significant is that teachers love the course, the materials and the success they are seeing in their classrooms and interventions. The entire training is fully interactive and requires participants to fully participate via zoom as we particpate and practice and interact in both the large and small group settings.
The course will cover the three levels of decoding and spelling: sound, syllable, and an introduction to the concept of morphology. With the latter, introductory morphology, the emphasis will be on increasing the vocabulary for all children - general and special education students.  Further, the system supports the outcomes within the Common Core.We also discuss Dyslexia, the brain and early and ongoing identification of these students.

All materials needed for implementation of the full program are included in the cost of the course. Further, there will be extensive additional materials provided including: multiple CDs with about 6,000 worksheets dealing with syllabication, sounds, rules and generalizations.

Further, there will be extensive additional materials provided including: multiple CDs with about 6,000 worksheets dealing with syllabication, sounds, rules and generalizations.

For whom is the O.G. approach appropriate?
The O.G. approach is appropriate for classrooms, small groups and teaching individuals; primary, elementary, intermediate, secondary, college, and adults. This class is designed specifically for kindergarten, primary, elementary & middle school classroom teachers, tutors, reading specialists, special ed teachers and home-school parents.

O.G. teaching sessions are action oriented with auditory, visual, and kinesthetic elements reinforcing each other; spelling is simultaneously taught with reading.

Structured, Sequential, Cumulative
Teaching proceeds from phonemic awareness, phonics, syllable types, syllable division rules, spelling, vocabulary, sentence structure, composition, and reading comprehension.

Data Driven, Flexible, Cognitive
O.G. is data-driven, diagnostic-prescriptive teaching at it's best. The teacher designs and implements lessons based on the data gathered from the individual student and/or the classroom group.  The instruction is targeted at the needs of the students and paced to insure the level of mastery that supports ongoing success for all students.  Further, the method includes targeted interventions for students who require more repetitions or intensity. The teacher always seeks to understand how an individual learns and devises appropriate teaching strategies using students' strengths while accommodating their weaknesses.

Why does this training recieve such postive reviews from participants and excellent outcomes for students?

  • The training itself is fully interactive and supports teachers in practicing what they will need to implement in the classroom.  
  • The scope and sequence and multiple lesson plans support the needs of students in becoming highly successful in learning to read, write and spell which includes all necessary skills to comprehension.  
  • The ability to use this approach successfully in every learning enviroment empowers every student to be successful whether they require little or extensive instruction, the Yoshimoto OG method works by thoughtful design.  
  • Having the ability to individuate instruction according to the needs of a full class room, small group or intervention group give both students and teachers the ability to succeed and thrive.  
  • Consistent language, lesson plans,meaningful instruction and clear, simple correction procedures simplifies complex challenges and solve common problems that teachers address. 
  • Practice is the foundation for this training and is a powerful foundation for being able to implement the invaluable tools teachers gain.  
  • all materials necessary to implment Yoshimoto OG are included in the price of the course  including over 1000 worksheets  makes the course affordable and easy to implement.
  • teachers can focus on teaching their students rather than spending untold hours finding and creating materials.
  • amazing instructors who are well trained, experienced, love what they are doing, have worked with students and are committed to both the teachers they teach and the students those teachers impact.
  • please let us know if you have more questions!

Meet Leslie Kesson, M.A.; Certified Master Trainer - Orton Gilllingham International; CE/AOGOPe & A/AOGPE 
 We are fortunate to have such a skilled trainer on the OGI team!  Leslie Kesson has been teaching in the public school system for over 28  years. She attended the University of Northern Colorado and received  her Master’s Degree in Literacy from the University of Colorado.  

Her teaching career began as a classroom teacher, 

working in the  primary grades.For the past fourteen years she has been a literacy  teacher. This experience in combination with parenting two amazing,  challenging boys with ADHD is where she discovered her passion for  teaching students who do not fit the typical model of learning. Her    search for the right method to empower struggling students has brought  her to the path of embracing the Orton Gillingham (OG) approach. 

Leslie's first exposure to Orton Gillingham was by enrolling in the Orton Gillingham International Basic Training Course taught by Ron Yoshimoto Fellow of AGOPE. Impassionate about all that Orton Gillingham offers, Leslie continued on her OG path to becoming certified by the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators at the Classroom Educator Level. During this four year period to her certification, Leslie had been fervently working with her peers to implement a whole school model of OG instruction. This enthusiasm lead to sharing data, results and excitement about OGI in the public school setting. As word spread, parents and educators requested observations of OGI in action. A professional study team was then formed to continue to implement OGI with fidelity. Leslie and her peers discovered that by using the OGI approach and materials to link instruction from classrooms to lit lab and special ed, the data clearly supports what we know to be true—OGI works! 
Naturally, when asked to consider joining Ron Yoshimoto and Elenn Steinberg in moving OGI forward, Leslie’s response was, “When can I start?” Leslie’s ardent facilitation of  Yoshimoto OG has been an incredible asset to Orton Gillingham International and is in high demand by schools and districts for training and consulting.