Tuesday, October 13, 2020 at 8:00 AM CDT
Wednesday, October 14, 2020 at 1:00 PM CDT

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Mark Sangster 
The Technology Collaboration Center 
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This workshop will include presentations across multiple technology sectors, which may come from companies, startups, universities, research institutions or government labs.TCC workshops are designed to explore potential relationships with others attending the workshop that may have common interests in the workshop topic area.

The importance of imaging technologies has been gaining prominence over the last few decades and particularly spectral imaging, which augments the spatial information of spectroscopy, enabling a broader discovery and diagnostic capability.The applications of these technologies are growing rapidly in a wide array of industries as their value proposition becomes more evident. The independent advances in these industries provide an opportunity to share knowledge and experience across disciplines for mutual benefit to all.

For example, MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) principles are used in the life sciences to better understand the raw findings of an X-ray image and are used in the energy industry to better understand the geophysical, geological and petrophysical aspects of rocks for better hydrocarbon exploration and production.

Hyperspectral and multi-spectral imaging technologies are being used to explore biophysical processes in cancer cells, provide crucial information for precision agriculture, and provide a wealth of scientific and actionable knowledge on land usage, ocean conditions and air quality from space.

Panel Presentation Topics:

  • Bridging the cross-industry imaging technology gap
  • Image acquisition – from signals to images
  • Imaging applications and analysis


  • KBR Wyle (TCC Member)

How to Assess for Microgravity Related Illnesses with Imaging

  • Rice University (TCC Member)

Compact Integral Field Snapshot Imaging Spectrometers for Environmental/Biomedical Imaging Applications

  • UT Health

Role of Deep Learning in Biomedical Image Analysis

  • UT MD Anderson Cancer Center (TCC Member)

Imaging Modalities to Assess Cardiovascular Effects of Radiation

  • WesternGeco Schlumberger (TCC Member)

Advances in the Seismic Image Processing and Analysis

Any organization can request an opportunity to present their latest technology advances or unmet needs in this area.If your organization is interested in imaging, please visit the TCC’s website to register for the workshop or request an opportunity to make a presentation.

The TCC is also now accepting Collaboration Requests related to imaging.  Requests submitted in conjunction with the workshop will be highlighted at the workshop and on the TCC’s website.  The TCC waives Collaboration Concierge Service program fees for requests submitted in conjunction with a workshop.

Please contact the TCC about submitting a Collaboration Request or for workshop sponsorship opportunities.

Workshop Program Committee (*=TCC member)

  • Juan Lopez-Mattei (co-chair), University of Texas - MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • Sudhir Pai* (co-chair), Autonomous Energy Ventures
  • David Alexander, Rice University*
  • Sahana Annadorai*, TCC
  • Debjyoti Banerjee, Texas A&M University*
  • David Brunet, DLZP Group*
  • Dan Carson, Rice University*
  • Alan Cooper*, Cooper Consulting
  • Payel Ghosh*, Visuray
  • Ming Guo, University of Texas Medical Branch
  • Brendon Hall, Enthought
  • Rana Khalil Jeffery, Voyage
  • Henk Mooiweer, Innovenate*
  • Unal Zak Sakaoglu, University of Houston-Clear Lake*