Saturday, January 20, 2018 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST
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Unity Spiritual Center 
23855 Detroit Rd
Westlake, OH 44149

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Betsy Bartter Muller 
Create and Connect Brilliantly 

Jan. 20 AAMET Level 1 EFT Workshop

Westlake, Ohio  9am-5pm

You are invited to a very special training event.  Open to only 10 special people, prepare for transformation, learning and growth in a comfortable setting in Westlake, OH

Benefits Of Attending

Detailed small group instruction and supervised practice sessions using EFT to clear emotional distress around upsetting issues, physical pain and addictive cravings. Attendees receive a pre-training package, printed manual and a certificate of completion of Level 1. This certificate is a prerequisite to Level 2 (Scheduled at this location for Jan. 27 and Feb. 24) and full practitioner certification program which will begin in March 2018.   6 Hours CEs NOW Available for Nurses, Social Workers and Psychologists!  Please note CE option when registering.  Pay less if you don't need CEs!

What is EFT?

EFT is an evidence-based technique from the emerging field of Energy Psychology. Research supports EFT as highly effective for children, teens and adults suffering from emotional, mental and psychological distress. It is an effective self-help tool as well as a powerful therapeutic/coaching intervention.

Who should attend?

  • Life and health coaches wanting to add an effective process to your professional expertise 
  • Therapists and Social Workers wishing to integrate EFT into their existing practice
  • Physicians, nurses, chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists or caregivers seeking effective tools to compliment client care 
  • Teachers and School staff looking for innovative classroom skills 
  • Clergy and Staff who minister to grieving, ill or traumatized congregants
  • Professionals seeking AAMET EFT Practitioner Certification

And if you’re a person that has a calling to help others and is interested in a career as a transformational Energy Makeover Coach, with a specialty in Emotional Freedom Techniques, I encourage you to register quickly for this workshop.

The following key concepts will be covered in Level 1: Basic EFT Process, Clearing Cravings, Working on Physical issues , Specific Events, Tell the Story and Movie Techniques, Testing and Troubleshooting, Ethics, Practitioner Self-care Essentials, Building Client Rapport, Personal Peace Procedure, SUDs and Calibration skills, Chasing the Pain Technique, and Legal/ethical issues. 

Click here for details on Level 2 - 2 Day Practitioner workshop                  

Affordable hotel accommodations available nearby for $60-120 per night.  Information and special offers for EFT Level 2 training opportunities will be provided at the event.  You can also follow new dates at this link www.tinyurl.com/EFTwithBetsy

Betsy Muller is a holistic business coach, speaker; author, AAMET Master Trainer, inter-faith minister and Accredited Advanced Certified Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) practitioner who has helped thousands discover and live at their highest potential. In addition to an MBA and 30+ years of business management experience, life changed in 2001 when she experienced EFT for the first time at a conference in Switzerland. Ms. Muller is a noted authority on working with human energy as a vehicle for phenomenal personal growth. Betsy is a contributor to the EFT Clinical Handbook and best-selling author of Energy Makeover – A Conscious Way to Stay Young, Have Fun and Get More Done! www.createandconnectbrilliantly.com

Program Outline:

EFT Level 1 – Foundations and Fundamentals for EFT Practitioners

Part 1 : Introduction   

Welcome and Introduction of Trainer (and Emotional Assistants if applicable) Logistics; schedule; overview of the day; informed consent & release form

  • Ground Rules:  Confidentiality; Safety, Group Sharing (permission to pass);
  • Guidelines for demonstrations and working with partners. 
  • Commitment of Group to Guidelines

Introductions (Your WHY, experience and intentions)

Intro to EFT (brief background/history)

  • Tapping Points review and frequently asked questions; modifications
  • Discovery Statement
  • Basic Recipe of EFT
  • Set-up statement
  • Reminder Phrase
  • Borrowing Benefits

 Group Exercise/Demonstration using ‘my EFT worries’ as the issue

 Part 2 Research, Rapport, Measurement and Detective Mindset

Science and Research Supporting EFT

  • Physical, neurological and biochemical findings
  • Conditions that respond well to EFT
  • Cautions and adverse reactions
  • A note on Wikipedia
  • Where to follow emerging research

Rapport & Listening Skills.  Integrating Client Words/Phrases

Understanding SUDS, physical connections, intensity and verbal and non-verbal signals during and after a session

Mindset of an EFT Practitioner – Be curious.  Get out of the way!

Demonstration of a basic session – introducing SUDS and importance of testing

Practice Exercise: in Dyads/Triads or Demonstration in front of group

 Part 3  Aspects, Testing, Reversals, Treating Physical Issues

 4 Keys to EFT Success:  TAPS (Testing/Aspects/Psychological Reversal/Specific Events)

Pyramid of Aspects (emotional, body, cognitive and behavioral shifts)

Apex effect

Generalization effect

Personal Peace Procedure  - Using EFT on Your Own Issues

EFT for Physical Issues – demonstration with volunteer

Practice Exercise with partner: Physical Pain - chasing the pain; finding emotional roots to the pain


Part 4    Practice Time, Troubleshooting, EFT for Cravings

Group Exercise – taking a Presenting Issue and Finding Aspects

The Art of Questioning

Things that may interfere with successful treatment

Practice Exercise: EFT for Behaviors – Cravings Exercise (group or dyads/triads)

 Part 5    Treating Specific Events

Introduction to clearing a specific past event

Movie Technique and Tell the Story demonstrations

Q&A – Ask about ANYTHING

 Part 6  Next Steps, Reflections and Closing

Applying what you’ve learned in the real world

  • General Ethics Reminders
  • Choosing appropriate cases/clients
  • Honoring your scope of practice and expertise
  • Developing referral networks
  • Continue Working on PPP scenes (1-3 per day)

Preview of Level 2 – Dates and Options

Reflections on the Day – Around the room 

  • What was your greatest takeaway?  What are you grateful for? 

Graduation Certificate Ceremony

Cancellation Policy:  Full refund if you should need to cancel up to one week prior to the program.  Cancellations less than one week ahead will not qualify for a refund unless the seat is filled by another participant. You may transfer your payment to a future training event if requested. A maximum of 10 per class often means we have a waiting list. If road conditions are hazardous on the day of training, this course may be rescheduled.  If in doubt, contact Betsy at 440-759-7491 for up to the minute guidance.  No shows will not be eligible for refund.

Grievance Policy: The Indigo Connection LLC seeks to ensure equitable treatment of every person and to make every attempt to resolve grievances in a fair manner. Please submit a written grievance to The Indigo Connection, Attention Betsy Muller, 20771 Westminster Drive Strongsville, OH 44149.   Grievances would receive, to the best of our ability, corrective action in order to prevent further problems. If you have questions or concerns, contact Betsy Muller at 440-238-4731

Accommodations for the differently abled The Indigo Connections’ training facilities are handicap accessible. Individuals needing special accommodations, please contact: Betsy Muller at 440-238-4731