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Janice Kim 
SCORE SBA Los Angeles 
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Wednesday January 25, 2017 from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM PST

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SCORE Los Angeles 
330 North Brand Boulevard
Suite 190
Glendale, CA 91203


There is free parking surrounding 330 N. Brand and there is parking in the parking garage for a fee of $11 per day.

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How to Write an Effective Business Plan

This highly interactive workshop is designed to aid business owner’s (startup & existing) in developing a viable plan to get their business growing in the right direction. Attendees will engage in step-by-step exercises throughout the duration of the workshop, covering all sections of a business plan which can be used for financing or general purposes. This strategy will enforce creative thinking and will promote change in the thought process which is needed to create a plan, and constructively implement goals, and execute objectives.

 Learning Objectives

  • How to write a business plan.
  • How to select and target the right customer segment.
  • How and where to research necessary information to make their business more viable and to understand the industry trends for success.


Presenter: Connie Sparks

Connie Sparks formed Wade Institute in the year 1999 to specialize in business-building strategies for small to mid-sized businesses. She has consulted and assisted numerous clients across the country with raising capital and strategy development to sustain or grow their companies. Wade Institute is committed to providing timely, customized support to small business clients. She has presented workshops and seminars to educational institutions, associations and popular organizations throughout California.
Connie Sparks, is widely recognized as an award winning leading expert on business development and strategic planning. As an Author, Business Coach and National Trainer, she has trained thousands of executives, business owners, and professionals from various backgrounds on topics that range from starting a business, strategic planning, and financing a business, and running a successful business. With an interest in a more holistic approach to running a successful business, she strives to enable entrepreneurs and small business owners to identify, clarify and define their vision for success.