Thursday February 13, 8am-4pm

Friday February 14, 8am-11:30am

Saturday February 15, 8am-5pm

Sunday February 16, 8am-3pm
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Heaven's Cloud Retreat Center
130 Sardis Road
Asheville, NC 28806

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Sarah Whitaker
Daoist Traditions College

Daoist Traditions presents

a class with

Jeffrey Yuen


Classical Texts of Chinese Medicine

Tang Dynasty Pharmacopeia

Thursday, February 13

8am-4pm (7.5 hours/CEU's)

 There have been many texts since the birth of Chinese medicine .  Each one is influenced by the social climate of that time and offer a different perspective based on that time period.  In this class we will study the Tang Dynasty Pharmacopeia and how it differs from Shen Nong's  Ben Cao and modern day TCM pharmacopeias.  This class will focus on further development of herbal medicine during the life time of Sun Si-Miao.

Fee: $180.00

Non DT Students / DT Alumni: $135.00

DT Faculty: $90.00


Classical Roots of Herbal Medicine

Tai Yin in the Tang Dynasty

Friday, February 14

8am-11:30am (3.75 hours /CEU's)

The term "tan yin" was developed and refined during the Tang dynasty.  This was a time during Chinese history when phlegm, gu and gui were at the forefront of Chinese Medicine.  This course will discuss the treatment of tan yin from a herbal perspective.

Fee: $100.00

Non DT Students / DT Alumni: $75.00

DT Faculty: $50.00


Classical Approaches to Contemporary Problems

Old Problems, New Names

Saturday, February 15 8am-5pm

Sunday, February 16 8am-3pm

(15 hours/CEU's)

As culture and language evolves, one can see that many conditions with different names have had similar presentations.  The concept of Leg Qi was presented in Classical texts of Chinese Medicine more than 1000 years ago and today we have the diagnosis of Restless Leg Syndrome. This class will focus on a wide range of conditions that have spanned centuries and continents and yet many of these condition still persist with elusive etiologies.  From a Chinese Medicine perspective, many of these lingering conditions may relate to parasites.  A Daoist perspective on these conditions allows us  to explore talismans that address Parasitiolgy.  This class will address the etiologies of a number of conditions including malaria and lymes.

Fee: $350.00

Non DT Students / DT Alumni: $250.00

DT Faculty: $175.00


Class size is limited.

Payment methods: check or money order.   Payment must be received prior to class attendance. We do not accept credit/debit cards.   

Mail check or money order payments to:

Daoist Traditions, 382 Montford Ave, Asheville NC 28801

Email confirmation will be sent once registration is complete and payment has been received.

Refund Policy: Cancellation 60 days or more before class = 75% refund. Within 60 days = 50% refund. Less than 30 days before class = no refund.