Tuesday, July 14, 2020 from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM EDT
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Bruce Adelson 
Federal Compliance Consulting LLC 

What Do We Do - The New Section 1557 Health Care Civil Rights Rules

The  US Department of Health and Human Services just published the newly revised, final rules for health care civil rights in the United States. The new rules feature several changes and contain essential information about non-discrimination in health care.

This webinar is part of our series of four new programs. Big events are the order of our days. They all compel action and change. In our four webinars, we address the current developments and help answer the question – What Do We Do Now, with solutions, recommendations, and legal prescriptions. Our four new webinars focus on instituting organizational changes laid bare by BLM protests and COVID-19 disparities, a new court decision that closed captioning is illegal, the Supreme Court’s DACA and LGBTQ decisions, and the new health care §1557 regulations.

What Just Happened - The New Section 1557 Health Care Civil Rights Rules


Anaylze and summarize the new rules and changes from prior law

Myth busting about what the new rules do and don't do

Discuss the impact of the US Supreme Court's LGBTQ decision

Recommendations going forward including The Four Factor Analysis for Spoken Language Compliance, Effective Communication Rule for People with Disabilities, Website Accessibility, and HHS' Limited English Proficiency Guidance


There is much current discussion about bias, discrimination, racism, and organizational culture. However, taking the current energy and imperatives and converting them into effective change through policy, procedures, education, and organizational culture adjustments is the hard part. The hard part is that next step. That’s where our new programs begin – providing answers, best practices, and guidance to take the next steps.

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Our Four Upcoming Webinars

What Do We Do  - The New Section 1557 Health Care Civil Rights Rules: July 14, 1-2 pm EDT

The U.S. Supreme Court Decides – What the LGBTQ & DACA Decisions Mean for You: July 23, 1-2 pm EDT

Turning Protests into Changes and Policy – What Happens Now? August 5, 1-2 pm EDT

Closed Captioning is Illegal – A Lunch and Learn Program: July 28, 1-1:30 pm EDT


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