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Thursday, September 9, 2021 from 7:20 AM to 8:20 AM EDT
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Senior Dating 
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How To Dominate Mature Women 


I talk a lot about domination, but I’m willing to bet that there are those that don’t know the difference between being dominant and being controlling. Instead of spending a lot of time explaining, I think it’s better that I give a few examples of how I dominate the current main chick. These are all current examples taken from actual conversations. Keep in mind that she is very hot (around 115 pounds) and has no shortage of both men and mature women who try to pursue her when I‘m not around (And yes, this is the same girl that was happy I gave her a used garment that I picked up off of the ground):

Example 1)

She usually comes and picks me up because I’m too damn lazy to get my headlight fixed, so I can’t drive my car at night. This is from a conversation we had when she picked me up:

Her: “I just bought a bunch of groceries, so we don’t need to stop and get food.”

Me: “I want Burger King. You’re paying.”

Her: “OK.”

Example 2)

She’s driving me, and I direct her to go inside a parking garage so I can stop and get my fucking Inta Juice:

Her: “Where are you taking me!? I have to stop over at my parents by 6!”

Me: “Turn here. We’re already here now. Park. You should have told me before we started driving.”

She parked, shut up, and waited fifteen minutes for me to get my juice.

Example 3)

We were going to Wal-Mart so I could get facial wash. We’re walking across the parking lot, and she is a few steps ahead of me. Unless I’m looking at her ass, I don’t like her walking ahead of me, so I grab her by her belt loop and pull her back to me:

Me: “Slow down, speedy. You’re walking too fast for me.”

I then start outpacing her some…

Her: “Now you’re leaving me!”

Me: “So?”

Example 4)

She asks me what I think about moving to Orlando:

Me: “You’re not even finished with school yet. You’re better off staying here and finishing school, so you can get in-state tuition.”

Her: “You’re right.”

Example 5)

Her: “I’m thinking about getting my hair cut so it’s more manageable.”

Me: “I like it long. I do not like girls with short hair.”

Her: “Oh, I wasn’t going to cut it really short. Just down to my shoulders.”

Example 6)

She is dropping me off. I just sit in my seat waiting and not saying a word to her. She looks over at me as I pick at my nails:

Her: “Are you going to be difficult?”

I don’t say a word and continue picking my nails and not looking at her…

Her: “You’re going to make me come all the way over there?”

I don’t say a word. She comes half way, attempting to get a kiss from me. I don’t budge one single inch…

Her: “Fine!”

And she reaches all the way over to kiss me. (And yes, I do care about her a lot.)