SOLD! How to Increase Sales

In this 1/2 day interactive professional selling course, participants will focus on a Sales Professional’s most important skills that increases sales and achieves financial objectives:

  1. Asking Good Questions
  2. Handling Objections, and
  3. Closing the Sale

Workshop Contact

Nancy Beth Guptill

President & Executive Consultant 
Sweet Spot Academy


Thursday, January 11, 2018 from 8:45 AM to 12:00 PM AST
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Charlottetown, PE  


Ask Good Questions, Handle Objections & Close the Sale

This interactive seminar focuses on a sales professional’s most important skills: asking good questions, handling objections and closing the sale.

While anyone can learn what sales questions to ask, this seminar follows a specific questioning model where you work collaboratively with your customer to arrive at a mutually beneficial solution.  You will be introduced to a proven, step-by-step professional sales questioning technique that can be put into action immediately in any sales situation, while also covering the basics of properly handling sales objections and eloquently closing the sale

Our simple objections handling model will enable you to deal with objections more confidently and professionally and will show a specific and effective technique to handle the most common objection of “Price”.

You will also be introduced to nine different sales closing techniques that helps close business more confidently, increase closing rates, and achieve financial goals and objectives.

Workshop Details:

  • Date & Time:  Thursday, January 11th  |  8:30 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Location:  Charlottetown
  • Fee:  $165.00 per participant  |  $125 Early Bird Pricing Until December 22/17
  • Payment Options: We accept Cheque, PayPal, Credit Card and email money transfer payments  
  • Prepayment is required

Key Learning Points:

  • Ask questions that identify the customer's problems. 
  • Delve deeper into the customer's needs to reveal specific areas of difficulty or dissatisfaction.
  • Direct questions towards a solution/product/service you have.
  • Point your questions towards the consequences, implications, or effect of the buyer's problem.
  • Magnify the customer's problems to the point where the customer feels a need to solve them.
  • Handle the different sales objections more effectively and confidently
  • Understand Nine different techniques that can be used to close the sale.



Interactive and Engaging   

Sweet Spot Academy workshops are highly interactive, entertaining and engaging.  We use a blend of learning techniques that focus heavily on learner interaction with hands-on activities and participant engagement.  We include self-discovery activities, group exploration, facilitator-led discussions, best practice theory exploration, role-plays, case studies, game-based learning and practice exercises to ensure all participants are engaged and gaining the most at each step.

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