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June 2013, Botanical Gardens, Montreal, Canada

This is an ISHS international scientific symposium, scheduled for Monday through Wednesday, June 17 through 19, 2013 at the Montreal Botanical Gardens in the City of Montreal, Quebec. The symposium will provide a unique opportunity for understanding and appreciating the latest scientific knowledge on medicinal plant and natural products.  Scientific sessions in Pharmacognosy, Ethnobotany, and Ethnopharmacology will focus on the new scientific development in sciences.



All guest speakers, the first authors of all oral presentatins are expected to submit their manuscripts at or before the closing of the event.  Platform and Poster presenters will have the option of submitting a manuscript to the symposium proceedings. Manuscripts shall follow the specific guidelines provide by ISHS, a copy of authors guidelines is available, to download click here.

Abstract Submission is Closed

You may request extension to submit your abstract late [for poster presentation only].  Your request shall be sent to  the secretraite via email messaging: at antigua-ishs@shmen.org.  Your interest to join this symposium is appreciated and contact us with your questions.  


When & Where:

 Monday, June 17, 2013 –
Wednesday, June 19, 2013
9 am to 4 pm EST
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Montreal Botanical Garden
4101 Rue Sherbrooke Est
Montreal, QC H1X 2B2
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Poster/ Oral




ISHS symposia welcome both ISHS members and non-members.

ISHS members in good standing who register for this meeting get a discount on the regular registration fee. Non-ISHS member participants are invited to join the Medicinal Plants and Natural Products Workgroup [MPNP] of the ISHS. Manuscripts will be subject to a peer review process before publication.


Registration Fee:

Before 30 May 2013
After 30 May 2013




Non-member Participants $510.00 $550.00

Presenting Student               Participating Students

$310.00                 $210.00

$400.00               $210.00

The registration may close earlier due to the limitation in the number of spaces for participants at this event.


Number of Abstracts:  Each author is allowed to present maximum of two abstracts.  Abstract presentation will not be scheduled if full registration fee is not received at the symposium office before the applicable deadline.  

Manuscripts:  Authors agree to transfer of Copy Rights of their manuscripts to ISHS.

Registration fee: Full payments is required to use discounts during early period. Adding your information to the database does not warrent discounts after end of each period..

Cancellation Policy: All registrations can be cancelled before 01 May 2013 without any penalty. No refund will be available after 01 May 2013.


Presentation schedule is now available



Antithrombotic Potential of Plant base Natural Products: Offer by Professor Dr. Milagros Garcia Mesa of Cuba for the first time in Canada. Acute coronary disease, stroke and lower limb acute thrombosis (atherothrombotic diseases) are the threatening clinical consequences of atherosclerosis.  Aging, Diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemia, hypertension, obesity and smoking are atherosclerotic risk factors. This workshop will provide the attendees a methodology for discovering plants with antithrombotic potential.

Challenges and Opportunities in Developing Research Agreements with Indigenous Communities  
Dr. Joanna Michel and colleagues from University of Illinois at Chicago [UIC] will provide best tools to create a feasible, sensible and fair national agreement between community partners and scientist conducting research. The agreement will be based on policies and laws of the region, providing respect to scientific integrity of the research process, and will assure mutual understanding and respect among involved parties. The participants will learn how to frame an agreement defining right to access and benefit shares.

Writing an outstanding manuscript for publication in Acta Horticulturae  
Dr. Lyle Craker from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst will provide the best approach to develop a well organized manuscript for publication in Acta Horticulturae. The participants at this workshop will learn how to construct an outstanding manuscripts using the available guidelines provided by ISHS.

Explore Montreal

The Biodiversity Centre of the University
The Biodiversity Centre of the University of Montreal is a partner of the Botanical Garden and Insectarium Montreal. The Centre has ultramodern facilities housing many scientific research projects on biodiversity, its preservation and valuation.

Science Biodome

The research facilities are in close proximity to the venue of the symposium. Advances in habitat protection, biodiversity conservation and sustainable development are pursued in Science Biodome, Montreal. One of the most interesting project is titled Exhausted land, poor health (PLUPH). For more information please visit the site by clicking here.

Contact us  
Symposia Office mailing address:  PO Box 320172, Boston, MA 02132
Secretriate: antigua-ishs@shmen.org