Wednesday February 3, 2021

6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

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Greenwich High School: VIRTUAL EVENT


Anne Blackburn, Penelope Kassaris, Cindy Lyall, Carrie Reynolds and Jasmine Vipani
Summer Fare Committee





Greenwich High School SummerFare 2021

February 3, 2021


SummerFare is quickly approaching! Sign Up NOW! 

Showcase your summer programs, camps, and internship options and connect with Fairfield County’s public & private elementary, middle, and upper/high school students and their parents! This year’s unique circumstances created an opportunity for us to recreate SummerFare to ensure your summer programs, internships & camps are in front of the widest audience possible & for a longer period of time. 

This year’s SummerFare will be a LIVE VIDEO event accompanied by a SummerFare Digital Directory. You will have the opportunity to present, answer questions and connect with those looking for great options for Summer 2021. 

In addition to the one night Live Event, the SummerFare Directory will be available for those looking for Summer information for the rest of the school year! 

SummerFare Details: 

Prior to the event:
 - All Participating Vendors will be assigned a Vendor Presentation time well in advance of the event - you will have approximately 10 mins to present and answer questions. 
 - Parents & Students will receive an interactive directory that will outline participating vendors, top-line information about the program/offering for each, and the presentation times, giving them enough information to plan their SummerFare night!

Prior to the event:
 - Parents & Students will click on a link provided to them to launch the Live Video Event.
Upon event launch and prior to each Presentation Segment, our SummerFare Host will guide participants in clicking to enter their chosen Vendor Presentation breakout room. 
On the participants screen, the Vendor Presentation options will appear, each labeled with the Vendor progarm/camp/school name.
- Participants can then click into the Vendor Presentation they are interested in seeing at that time. 
 During your Vendor Presentation time, you can present by talking into the camera or share your screen/presentation. 
Participants can use the chat feature to ask questions to which you can review & respond.

Though SummerFare 2021 looks very different, we’re excited about the opportunity of reaching a wider audience that may not have been able to take the night off to come to a physical event, as in years’ past.

*Please note that in the event the virtual fare cannot be held we will refund virtual event registration fees.