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Tuesday October 10, 2017 at 12:30 PM 
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Our 8th NM Soundscapes Intensive
"We Return to Questa for Numero OCHO"
5 modules of Soundscapes Training

October 10-31, 2017

OCHO, Questa, NM

Facial Soundscapes: Harmonic Renewal is a vibrational facial protocol utilizing AcutonicsŪ tuning forks that is gentle, powerful and non-invasive. Using the 5 Elements of Oriental medicine, treatments are customized for each person’s constitutional archetype.

Facial Soundscapes: Harmonic Renewal; October 10-13, 2017

  • Materials to be covered include an in-depth journey into the healing aspects of sound, overview of the Earth, Moon and Sun forks, their mythic 
    facial acu
    & archetypal attributes, and how they relate to the face, an Eight Extraordinary meridian meditation (for right brain consumption only!), specific 5 Element sound points, and a basic Soundscapes treatment targeting specific facial syndromes such as jowls, turkey wattles, puffy eyes, etc.
  • Students will be introduced to the Five Element landscape of the face, and an entire topical herbal protocol.

Planetary Soundscapes: The Cosmic Countenance;
October 15-17

  • This class expands upon the concepts introduced in module 1, with an emphasis on applications of AcutonicsŪ planetary forks and interplanetaryFacial Soundscapes treatment intervals in the context of a constitutional facial treatment protocol. Materials include 8 planets - Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, how they relate to the face, planetary intervals, astrology and physiognomy, planetary facial syndromes, and their cause and treatment.

The Transcendent Face; October 19-21

  • In this planetary piece de resistance, we will add the archetypes of Chiron, Nibiru, Sedna, the 4 asteroids and the high frequency planets into our vibrational facial palette.  These new resonances will be incorporated into a full constitutional treatment protocol along with the Earth, Moon, Sun and other planetary tuning forks. 

Break (2 days)

The Fibonacci Face; October 24-26

In this innovative full-length seminar, we will address the archetypal, energetic, theoretical and practical applications of the AcutonicsŪ Ohm Fibonacci series tuning forks. Course highlights will include:
  • Definition and exploration of the Fibonacci number series, and its relationship to the Golden Ratio (phi); the harmony of proportion;
  • The 9 AcutonicsŪ Ohm Fibonacci tuning forks; frequencies, intervallic structure, archetypal profile, and their relation to Ohm - the fundamental tone of the series - Venus, and the cosmos;
  • The Fibonacci Solar System: combinations with AcutonicsŪ mid-range planetary tuning forks
  • The 8 Extraordinary meridians plus 5 Element Planetary Essential Oils; "changing your mind will change your DNA";
  • Kidney essence, DNA, cellular memory: usage of gem elixirs, color and vibration;
  • "Squaring the Circle": A Ritual Installation for The Fibonacci Face, "Uniting the 3 Treasures"
  • And more!!

Shifting your Intergenerational Patterns: GeneAstrology™ & Vibrational Medicine; October 28-31

We all carry within us inherited "blueprints" which are passed down from generation to generation. These genetic codes trigger cellular memory and map out not only our physical attributes, but also our thoughts, feelings, ideas, prejudices, talents, etc. These memories are largely unconscious, and in most people, they remain a part of the legacy of the family line, in the form of addictions, illnesses, health issues, and tendencies to recapitulate certain catastrophic events. Even the nature and timing of death can be programmed in this way, occurring at the same time and under the same circumstances as that of one of our ancestors.

Awareness: Unearthing the Family Myth with GeneAstrology™
MichelAngelo, with his expertise in medical astrology, will provide you with an in-depth analysis and synthesis of the natal charts of your immediate family members -- siblings, parents, grandparents, etc. -- and a summary of salient chart dynamics that point to the recurrence of particular astrological signatures, revealing the mystery of the individual family "myth" or "curse", and what the implications might then be for the family members in terms of psychospiritual imbalances, and their contribution to the manifestation of illness.

Understanding: Interaction with Ancestral Patterns
Possessing this heightened awareness of the family's cosmic legacy, Mary Elizabeth Wakefield will take the lead in facilitating interactions with your ancestors in a variety of ways -- exercises, meditations and ritual and ceremony, which can serve to engender compassion for both ourselves our immediate family and our ancestors.

Change: Vibrational Healing Treatment Protocols, “Your Unique Sound Prescription”
Utilizing specific tuning fork combinations derived from the twin diagnostic approaches of Chinese medicine and GeneAstrology™, we will address your collective family profile. Other sound therapies will also be integrated into this level. These treatments can engage and trigger the cellular memory, serving as a catalyst for change.

Transformation: An Evolution in Consciousness
These treatment protocols address these long-standing "Genea-Astro-Logical" signatures. This will engage the cellular memory in a transformative way and facilitate the requisite evolution in consciousness, so that the cosmic coding relating to these influences may be deciphered and deactivated.

This work is both revelatory in every sense, and ground-breaking, and it possesses the capacity to move us beyond the comfortable snares of our unconscious motivations and behavior patterns, negative emotional tates, and thoughts and actions that do not seem to be our own.  Our intention in this course is to explore the freedom to birth our Authentic Selves;in becoming free in this manner, we can express our gratitude to our ancestors. This dynamic shift in consciousness will foster our capacity for individual, empowered choices, and permit us to embark upon our own unique destiny in this lifetime!


Mary Elizabeth Wakefield, L. Ac., M. S., M. M., 
AAAOM Educator of the Year, Acutonics Teacher; click here for bio

MichelAngelo, M. F. A., Advisor, Astrological Medicine & Musical Studies, Kairos Institute of Sound Healing, LLC (2005-2014); click here for bio

*More information about individual training modules may be found here.  Please note: individuals participating in the graduate elective need to have completed all 4 previous modules of Soundscapes training; no exceptions.

A $30 non-refundable materials fee is to be paid directly to the Instructors for herbal products, creation/maintenance of a Referrals web listing, instruction manuals & certificates of completion.   This $30 fee will be added to the basic tuition charges during online registration, or is otherwise payable at the door.


Modules 1-3, new and returning* students:

$1,850 ($1,700); module 1: $675 ($625), 
modules 2 & 3: $650 each ($600): discounted registration by 7/11/17

*Returning students may "refresh" any previously completed traing module at a 50% discount.  
Please e-mail with inquiries. 

Module 4: The Fibonacci Face:

$675 ($625): discounted registration by 7/11/17

Module 5:  GeneAstrology & Vibrational Medicine

$825 ($775): discounted registration by 7/11/17

Super Full Program Discount:

All 5 modules; $2,925 by 5/11/17 (regular discounted rate; $3,225, by 7/11/17 )

NCCAOM PDA's available; open to all qualified healthcare practitioners

Refunds and Cancellation Policy:

A non-refundable cancellation policy fee of $50 will be charged in the event of cancellation more than five (5) weeks prior to the first day of class; 65% of tuition costs will be refunded in the event of cancellation more than seven (7) days but less than five (5) weeks prior to the first day of class.  No refunds are available in the event of cancellation seven (7) days or less prior to the first day of class.  If the class is cancelled by the Instructors a full refund is given. 

Other Information:

Make checks payable to Chi-Akra Center.  Checks will be accepted for registration up to 5 weeks prior to the seminar; only credit card payments accepted thereafter.   Mail checks to the above address, with the registration form, or fax the form with your credit card data to 866-277-8458.  (Upon registration, a list of required supplies will be provided.)  Please note: no monies will be processed prior to September 11, 2017.  Contact Chi-Akra Center for tuning fork requirements and ordering; all participants will receive a 10% discount on any tuning fork orders made through Chi-Akra Center.

We look forward to seeing you in Questa, NM, in the Land of Enchantment!!


Mary Elizabeth and MichelAngelo