Tuesday May 20, 2014 from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM CEST
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University of Pittsburgh, Katz School of Business 
Rohan Business Centre
Rohanske nabrezi 671/15a
Reception A
Prague 18600
Czech Republic


Alice Kralova 
University of Pittsburgh, Katz School of Business 

About Mariann Ziss

Ziss is a psychotherapist and clinical psychologist. She draws on 13 years of experience and brings the tools from her practice in her workshops.
Mariann works both with individual clients and with organizations, successfully combining the personal and organizational level in her work.
She has been consulting companies such as OPW and Sanofi Aventis, supporting these organizations in selection processes, conflict resolution, diversity development and individual coaching.


Self-awareness in Leadership, Part 1:
Who's Future? Your Needs, the Company's Demand and the Unexpected

Leaders today are required to project an integrated, authentic personality. Yet, for many, it is the company needs, not the manager’s goals, what defines where he or she stands and what gives direction to his or her career. Does what you do in your everyday life help you get where you want to be in terms of your career and leadership, or do you need to bring your will back into the picture?

Through a series of exercises, this interactive workshop will:
  • Allow you to reflect on your own aspirations vis-a-vis your company’s demand. Being aware of a potential gap between one’s goals and the company’s needs is a prerequisite for reconciling the two and for shaping your own situation;
  • Help you to understand the role that your personality has played in your leadership style and achievements. Understanding what it is in your personality that attracts other people to work with you or to promote you to strategic roles will enable you to utilize your unique qualities more consciously, and to enhance your personal branding;
  • Provide you with tools to make the most out of your development and a leadership position.

Registration and Price

The Self-awareness in Leadership workshops are offered at 1,500 CZK each, to be paid in advance.
You will receive an invoice and a credit card form for you to fill shortly upon your registration.
The fee is non-refundable in case of cancellation less than a week ahead of each workshop and in case of no-show.
Participants who join all the three workshops of the series are entitled to a discount of 1,000 CZK on the total price of the three workshops (if paid one by one, the discount will be applied on the third payment).
Capacity of each workshop is limited to 12 participants.


The series consists of three independent half-day workshops. While the topics complement each other and together provide a rounded experience, you may attend all of the workshops, some, or just one, as you prefer. The topics do not build on one another.
The capacity of each workshop is limited to 12 participants. Within the framework of the workshops, you will go through experiential exercises and will be able to share as much as you wish when it comes to your insights, dilemmas and solutions. All sessions are strictly confidential.

Who is the series suitable for?

The Self-awareness in Leadership series is designed for those in senior or top leadership positions who are motivated to develop their own self-awareness, beyond the standard leadership assessment tools. You will find these sessions useful if you seek to enhance your confidence and a deeper understanding of your motivation, goal setting, decision making and the role your personality plays in leadership.
The workshops are designed to increase your astuteness, resilience, and to help you assert your strength and prevent issues your weakness can bring. Increase your credibility and the trust you convey. Make your own needs, motivations and priorities transparent for yourself.