Date: Sunday September 28

Time: 6:00-8:00pm (CST) 7:00-9:00 (EST) 4:00-6:00pm (PST)

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Sunday September 28, 2014 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM CDT
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Cost: $40


Debra Taitel
Are you prepared for the upcoming Mercury Retrograde? Would you like to use the energy to your advantage or find out more about it? Most importantly are you ready to go from surviving to thriving during the time of Mercury Rx?

Join Clairvoyant, energy healer Debra Taitel and Astrologer Sharita Star for a powerful Astrology/Meditation event to de-bunk the myths, find truth in the mystery and prepare for the retrograde period before it hits.
In the first part of the workshop, Sharita will explain the planetary aspects of Mercury Retrograde and it's specific requests. Knowing what to expect clears the fear of the unknown, offers peace of mind,  and gives us a heads up so we are ready to make informed decisions. 
Sharita will discuss:
  • How and why the planets and cycles influence our experience
  • How the planets and stars can guide or hinder our experience
  • What Mercury Rx is asking of us 
  • How each Mercury Rx cycle is different
  • The lunar cycles that will be present during this particular Mercury Retrograde
  • The effect the lunar cycles have as we simultaneously move through the retrograde cycle
In the second part of the workshop Debra will talk about using Mercury Retrograde to your advantage by offering a meditation for a mindful Mercury Retrograde. There is power in our reflection and as we turn our attention inwards and ground we set our feet on a solid platform for mastering and moving through Mercury Retrograde with grace and ease. 
You will prepare for Mercury Rx and learn:
  • Powerful and invaluable techniques for grounding and clearing energy. 
  • How to incorporate what Mecury Rx is asking of us into your meditation practice
  • How to identify and clear the energies, pictures or programming that is already coming up for you
  • How to fill up with your own energy to empower and rejuvenate your spirit
  • Debra will also lead you through a meditation specifically designed to clear any fear or resistance of Mercury Rx. 
It's time to reflect, renew and rejuvenate! Are you ready to get a jump on the energy by Mastering Mercury Retrograde? Ready to experience Mercury Retrograde more mind fully and move through it with grace and ease? Join us to find out what's in the stars and how to ground that energy in reality! 

*Cost of the workshop includes a link to download a recording of the event (after the workshop) and a special gift from Sharita.

Once registered for the workshop you will receive a dial in number and personalized access code by email a few days before the event.

We look forward to "seeing" you!

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