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May 2018      Public Speaking & Accent Reduction Classes


The Speech and Accent Academy is hosting class at:
The Miami Shores Community Center
9617 Park Dr.
Miami Shores, FL 33138

Driving Directions 
 Public Speaking Boot Camps   

1. Art of Being Memorable
Saturday May 19th (9 a.m.-4 p.m.)  

2. Overcome Stage Fright
Saturday May 26th (9 a.m.-4 p.m.)

$365 for full day workshops
10% discount for Both Workshops

Discounts for current and former students of the Speech and Accent Academy
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Private Coaching

Contact us to arrange schedule

Group Accent Reduction Class
Wednesday Evenings (6:30 - 8:30 p.m.)  
Saturday Afternoons (11-1) (1-3 p.m.) 
New:  Sunday Classes (1-3 pm)

$150 per class  (8 Week Course)

Group  Articulation Workouts

Vowel Yoga &Consonant Cardio
Sunday May 27 (3-4 p.m.)
At the Speech and Accent Academy
$50 per workout Session



Lisa Jeffery's Public Speaking Bootcamp February 2018

  Lisa Jeffery, Executive Speech Coach, Speech and Accent Academy
      Lisa Jeffery, "The Paramedic Speech Coach"

Testimonials:  Lisa In Action

Sam Moshe, 

Senior Vice President, Merrill Lynch
Sam is a highly regarded wealth management advisor who’s delivered a rare combination of expertise and attention to Merrill Lynch clients worldwide, for the past 19 years. Fluent in English, Spanish, French and Hebrew, Sam speaks easily and frequently with clients and analysts around the world. He is the president of the FIDF (Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces) Boca Raton Chapter.
Merrill Lynch 
   Humberto Mendoza, Senior Director, Latin America Tax, Deutsche Post DHL Group
Coaching by Lisa Jeffery has been one of the best investments I have ever made since I arrived to the United States. I am Mexican, my accent is strong. I spoke English like I spoke Spanish. Then, how could I break these habits? Someone told me: “accent reduction training is not worthy and you are going to throw your money away.” Really? Then I found Lisa. With her training, I learned a lot of rules and techniques that helped me improve my speech. The experience is as a little kid’s learning process, but with more frustration because my brain learned to speak English differently. Articulation is not easy when English is your second language. Now I am more confident to speak up. I not only speak better, but I understand other people better! I understand movies and TV news better because I improved my listening comprehension as well, this is amazing! In my office meetings, I can be focused, because I am articulating. Thanks Lisa!"

Maria Celeste Arrarás,
NBC Co-Host, The Today Show
"I worked with Lisa Jeffery for accent reduction when I was asked to be co-host on the Today Show. In Miami, Lisa showed me how to reduce my accent considerably. I enjoyed working with Lisa — she helped me make an amazing breakthrough during the training. I highly recommend her!"

Steve Ferrari 

Steven Goldstein,
Official FERRARI racing pilot

“On the personal front, speaking eloquently and with a ‘neutral’ accent has always been an important aspiration for me. On the professional front, conveying a clear and persuasive message has become a must in my role where I am frequently interacting with the media and representing brands. Lisa delivered on both fronts. Among the various speech coaches with whom I have worked, Lisa stands out. She is worldly and has refined taste, having lived in many countries around the globe. Her sessions are entertaining, and the results are realized without having to undertake tedious homework." 

Saturday, May 19th 2018
Public Speaking Bootcamp:
The Art of Being Memorable

Can people learn techniques for being a great speaker? Is  there a formula? YES, there is! First, it is being authentic. Secondly, it's studying the masters, learning the secrets that they knew. And third, it’s exuberance, that wonderful formula that keeps us from being boring.

Would you like to improve your Public Speaking skills with the help of a coach in a small group environment?   This workshop features private coaching in a small group.  This workshop is about being more influential, more memorable, more persuasive. 

This class helps you develop and improve your skills in Public Speaking by learning the techniques of great speakers... the people we never forget and why we do not forget them.  Memorable people make us feel special. We think about them often, we remember what they say, how they say it and what they do. How is it that some people are more memorable than others? What is it that makes them unforgettable?  Why do we remember their presentations?

This is a fun and lively workshop that helps you become the real you, find the sparkle that's inside, learn how to motivate and inspire others, and develop the confidence and communication skills that can help you become memorable to everyone around you.  You will analyze how to “say things the BORING way” and then liven it up with fire, exuberance and word pictures! You’ll learn to explain things using powerful metaphors, which cut the understanding and guarantees that people remember your words and ideas!  Being memorable and the skills of great communication can be learned, and YOU can be a great speaker.

  • Confidence, Exuberance and Moxie!
  • Learn great content and organization of your speeches
  • Tricks and Techniques of the Great Speakers
  • “Steal Like Crazy Until You Make Yourself Up” Study the Great Communicators
  • Being Creative and Authentic in Your Communication
  • How to create great metaphors that SHOW people what you’re saying
  • How to speak with ‘word pictures’ so people see ‘snapshots’ of your message
  • Memory, Thought, and the Power of Positive Words
  • What are your best qualities? Do they show? (Perception and YOU)
  • Get a personal evaluation of your own performance and presentation
  • Pesonalized coaching tips to help you with your topics


Due to its highly interactive nature, we suggest that this workshop be limited to approximately 12 -15 participants per session. Workshop participants prepare and present one informative speech, and an impromptu speech after learning techniques of how to ‘speak on your feet.’  

Saturday May 26th 2018 - Miami Shores    

 Public Speaking Bootcamp:
Overcome Stage Fright and Become a Great Speaker

What are the biggest challenges people face about public speaking?
"I get nervous and lose my train of thought!"
"I stutter and can't say what I want to say!"
"It's hard to give a presentation in English when it's not my first language!"
"I freeze."
"I'm just not very good and don't know how to get better!"
"Can't I just read what I have to say?"
"I can talk one-on-one, but not to a group!"
"I just don't know how to present my content in the best way."

These are the things that people have said about public speaking.  It is very common.  Public speaking is a set of skills, and not a talent. It can be practiced and perfected with the help of a coach. This is Lisa's philosophy. Anyone can learn, practice and master the skills of public speaking.So in Lisa's coaching and training, she offers a solution to get started and to practice to improve your public speaking skills. Her solution is to provide a safe place to learn and practice in a small group. Lisa coaches the skills, and gives students an oportunity to practice them.  Build confidence, learn the skills of organizing thoughts, have a fabulous delivery and learn to speak without reading notes! 

This is a fun and lively workshop that challenges you in a safe environment.  Developing speaking skills helps you become the real you, find the sparkle that's inside, learn how to motivate and inspire others.

 Lisa teaches you techniques to build your confidence, overcome your fear of public speaking, and have quick-thinking recovery skills when you make a mistake.  Lisa teaches public speaking in all-day “boot camps".  You will learn to organize your ideas and polish your delivery skills as you begin to develop your own speaking style.

You will make presentations and learn to 'speak on your feet' in front of a safe, supporting audience and coach. You will learn how to tame your anxiety and use that adrenalin to your advantage. This course is appropriate for the novice as well as experienced and communicator.


  • Stage Fright: What is it and How do Speakers Tame it?
  • Formulas for Building Confidence and maintaining cofidence to be a speaker
  • Where do I start when I put together a speech or a presentation?
  • How to recover from mistakes
  • Body language and why it matters
  • Finding the REAL Speech within the Speech!
  • How Do I Make My Presentation Meaningful To my Audience?
  • The “Homeopathic Method” Of Curing Mistakes: Elvis Legs, Fidgeting
  • Speak On Your Feet… Learn Secrets of Speaking in a meeting
  • Can I use these skills in interviewing?
  • What REALLY Makes a Good Speech or Presentation?
  • Reading Your Speech Makes you nervous! How to Speak Without Reading notes


Due to its highly interactive nature, we suggest that this workshop be limited to approximately 12 -15 participants per session. Workshop participants prepare and present one informative speech, and an  “impromptu” speech after learning techniques of how to ‘speak on your feet.’

Lisa Jeffery's Specialty is to Help You Communicate
with Precision, Elegance and influence!

About Lisa Jeffery
Lisa Jeffery, MBA, MA is an executive coach, trainer and speaker to Fortune 500 companies in communication skills, accent reduction, public speaking & business writing.  With 30 years international experience in nine countries, she offers executive coaching, seminars, and lively keynote addresses in America and Europe. Lisa has presented speeches all over the word in English and French. 

Her clients include the NBC Today Show, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Lloyds Bank, Citibank, Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces, Burger King, AlpineStars, DHL,UPS, Carnival Cruise Lines, Holland & Knight, Sports and TV celebrities Such as Maria Celeste Ararras of NBC, Jackie Guerrido of UnivisionFerrarri Race Car Driver, Steven Goldstein, and Actor William Levy.

Lisa coaches CEOs, top corporate executives, lawyers, financial advisers, actors, broadcasters, authors, television show hosts, race car drivers, and scientists. She tailors her coaching to the client and combines accent reduction with public speaking and business writing coaching. We work with individuals and offer small corporate training classes, as well at large corporate seminars. The Speech & Accent Academy can design a program specifically for you, tailored to your needs and number of employees.

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9628 NE 2nd Ave Suite 210C
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