Friday, April 12, 2019
10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m., Pacific Time

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  Terry Berke


 Si2 OpenAccess Live Forum

Webinar for OpenAccess Coalition Members

Join your colleagues for these timely
technical presentations, exclusively for
Si2 OpenAccess Coalition Members


 Mythic: A Focus
 on Artificial Intelligence

Dave Fick
CTO and Co-Founder

Learn more about Mythic, the newest member of the Si2 OpenAccess Coalition,
and its plan to utilize OA. Deep neural networks demand massive parallel compute
capabilities that weigh heavily on conventional local AI. Mythic’s platform performs
hybrid digital/analog calculation inside flash arrays. This approach performs the
inference step of deep neural networks inside the memory array that stores the
processing weights long term. The results are advantages in performance, power
life, and accuracy.

What You'll Learn

- Mythic's inference technology
- Early successes in the AI domain
- How OpenAccess will help them accomplish more


   ID-Substrate for Systematic Prediction 

  and Prevention of Substrate Noise    Coupling Effects

Dr. Ramy Iskander

CEO and Founder
Intento Design

ID-Substrate: This disruptive software models the lateral bipolar effect with
multiple emitters and multiple collectors configuration, allowing accurate prediction
of minority and majority carriers propagation inside a P-substrate with multiple
N-wells. It is fully based on the OpenAccess database and oaxPop extension.

What You'll Learn

- Why lateral bipolars are difficult to model for a chip
How to use OpenAccess, oaxPop and Spectre to perform accurate TCAD-like simulations
The technology behind ID-Substrate
- The Intento Design offer for foundries


  OpenStandards and OpenAccess:
  New Opportunities for Key
  Technology Development 
Jerry Frenkil
Director, Production Standards
Silicon Integration Initiative

The Si2 OpenStandards Coalition, launched in 2016, is now available with no additional dues to members of the OpenAccess and Compact Model Coalitions. Benefiting from Si2's position as a joint R&D consortium, it unique structure
targets key technologies for standardization and fast-track industry approval.

What You'll Learn

- How the OpenStandards Coalition functions
- How OpenAccess and Compact Model Coalition members can participate
in OpenStandards.
- What are current OpenStandards projects?
- How to start new projects


   OpenAccess is the Production AI
  Database and the 
Data Scientist is You


Dr. Leigh Anne Clevenger
Design Automation Data Scientist
Silicon Integration Initiative

Is your company investing in side projects with artificial intelligence/machine learning, and looking to integrate these methods into production design automation? Does your company already have a stake in AI/ML for electronic design automation? Is there an AI/ML strategy in your design tool plans, but you don't know where to start?

Join us to help gauge industry interest in advancing AI for OpenAccess users.

What You'll Learn

- What is AI/ML for design automation?
- What does AI/ML mean for OpenAccess users?
- Possible uses for AI with OpenAccess and required nuts and bolts for an OpenAccess AI/ML framework
- Next steps available through Si2 OpenStandards to advance these ideas


 Developing an End-User 
 Tool Set with oaScript Python

Nandish Kolur Somasekhara
Hardware Engineer

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

This presentation describes command line tools developed by
Packard Enterprise using OpenAccess APIs. The goal is to 
save the designer time and fetch design information using command line tools.

What You'll Learn

- How OpenAccess Python Bindings make tool development easier using
Python bindings
- Application of such APIs as: 
	- Hierarchy traversal tools
       - Dependency checker of child blocks        - Tools for connectivity info        - Advantages of using Python Bindings, etc.