Spring 2021




Spring 2021 Irrigation Workshops


City of Chandler

Ph# 480-782-3589

Email: Conserve@chandleraz.gov

Website: Chandler Water Conservation

Town of Queen Creek

Ph# 480-358-3455

Email: ConservetheQC@QueenCreek.org

Website: Town of Queen Creek Water Conservation


Saturday, March 20, 2021 from 10:00 AM to 10:45 AM MST
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Optimize Your Smart Controller (BHyve)

Have you fine tuned your BHyve smart controller to optimize your landscape watering? It is likely that you could be saving more water by properly adjusting your settings. Learn how to program and optimize your BHyve smart irrigation controller to the fullest! This workshop will help guide you through setting up your controller so that you can water your landscape as efficient as possible while maintaining a lush landscape.

Chandler resident? You could receive a rebate up to $250 for purchasing and installing a smart irrigation controller.   

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This is an online event. Once registered, we will be sending out reminder emails with links and further instructions.