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Meet Alexei Butirskiy Appearance and Show at Key West Gallery 


The number one artist in all of Europe, Alexei Butirskiy, will be in Key West for a showing of his artwork this season December 12-15, 2019. Please join us for one, or both, of these fantastic shows!

Key West Gallery will host Alexei Butirskiy and the world’s largest collection of his Original paintings and Limited Edition pieces.  Alexei will be painting while he is in the gallery so clients will be able to witness how he builds one of his masterpieces from a blank canvas. Collectors will also have the opportunity to have Alexei personalize and embellish purchases made during the event.

Artwork previews begin Thursday 12/12/19

Alexei Butirskiy will be in the gallery:

Friday 12/13/2019

Saturday 12/14/2019

Sunday 12/15/2019

Alexei’s paintings portray the world around him in truthful and non-glorified terms.  A sense of tranquility is conveyed in each of his paintings.  They are typically without action or conviviality, and most are uncannily still, with only light, space, shadows and color offering dialog. The power and intensity of the relationship between light and dark are the profound forces of his work.  The sophisticated application of light effects with color reinforces the majesty of his compositions.  Butirskiy’s paintings are reminiscent of the works of Claude de Lorraine and Caravaggio with their luminescent qualities and skillful variations of light and dark.

Alexei describes, “When I paint, I don’t just copy from any particular place. I try to memorize the original impression I had when I was somewhere, and then I recompose it in my head, based on how I feel about it. After that, I paint. I think it is very important for an artist to not just copy mechanically from nature. In that case, the artist could be replaced by a camera... The source of my inspiration is life itself. I find peace and harmony all around me. I observe the beauty of my surroundings and love to share my appreciation of the world through my eyes and transfer it to my viewers by way of my canvas.”

Alexei is just 42 years old and has already achieved what many artists can only hope to achieve in an entire lifetime. His works are proudly exhibited in galleries and private collections throughout France, England, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, The Netherlands, Canada, Mexico, Russia and the United States.

In 2007 and 2011 Alexei was invited to exhibit his work at the II Vittoriano in the Piazza Venezia, Rome, Italy.  He joins a prestigious group of artists including Picasso, Dali, Chagall, Monet, Manet and Degas who have exhibited here in the past. In 2013 his work was on display at yet another museum event at the Marietta Cobb Museum in Marietta, Georgia.

About Key West Gallery:

Key West Gallery currently represents a strong selection of internationally published artists including Alexander Volkov, Myung “Mario” Jung from South Korea, Italian artist Pino. We also feature Ton Dubbeldam from Holland, Hu Jun Di from China and Maya Eventov from Canada, Jaline Pol from France. Our American artists include Bill Mack, Gary Welton, Jillian Lee, The Frogman, Chris Barela, Peter Max, Vie Dunn-Harr, Patrick Guyton, Tripp Harrison, Thomas Arvid, Eric Christensen, Chris DeRubeis and Edward Gordon.