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Pixie Grape Pre-Order

The new Pixie Grapes are a new series of dwarf grape vines for containers that will produce fruit in their first year and forever more after that. They are perfect for small spaces and patios, conversation pieces, and as a gift for every wine lover you know. The first Pixie Grape is 'Pinot Meunier Purple', one of the three Champagne grapes. It is projected to only grow to about 2+ feet tall and wide and to get lots of bunches of grapes on its small frame over a long season.

Our plants will be available for pick-up just before Mothers' Day. They will be in 1g pots with an attractive trellis and they are projected to already have bunches of green fruit on the vines! Fingers crossed for the fruit as it is the first year of growing them.


Your Pixie Grapes will look like the picture above when they arrive in a one gallon pot with a trellis. They should have fruit but the fruit will be green in May and ripen through the summer for summer and fall picking.



After a few years your Pixie Grape will look like this. You can grow it in a large pot on your patio or balcony.

1g pot with trellis, $27.99 + GST

Important Note: When you check out click on the Pay with PayPal link. Once there you can use a PayPal account or simply pay with your Visa or MC and PayPal will process the transaction for us. When using your Visa or MC you do not need a PayPal account.