Saturday, August 29, 2020 from 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM PDT
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This is an online event. 


K-12 STEM Chair, AIAA LA-LV Section, cmoning@g.clemson.edu 
American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics, Los Angeles - Las Vegas Section 
Casey Moninghoff

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(August 29, 2020) AIAA LA LV STEM K-12 Meeting with Alan Chan, and Cornelius Neil Cosentino 

Volunteers are needed for al AIAA activities, please contact cgsonwane@gmail.com

August 29th, 2020, 10 AM
Red Rover Planetary Driving Simulator
Alan Chan
A twenty-year visual effects veteran,
A screenwriter and director
Letters from the Cockpit
Maj. Cornelius Neil Cosentino
Experienced Pilot, USAF-Retired

Explore Martian terrain from the driver's seat of a futuristic Martian rover! RED ROVER uses real NASA HiRISE satellite data and images in a game engine to create a simulator that lets you drive around and explore! It's a great opportunity for K-12 kids or students to see Mars up close and personal as guest speaker Alan Chan, the developer of Red Rover, takes us through each of the different areas of Mars available in this simulator
This inspiring talk is for those who wish they were born with wings, and/or enjoy short stories. Come fly with the speaker (Neil) as he relives his experiences as a high-time pilot with a knowledge of flight we all envy. Strap on the shoulder harness, tighten the seat belt-"CLEAR, Contact, "we can hear the roar of the engine as we taxi out -each story a new new exciting true adventure by a pilot who has been there !
Neil will talk about why he wrote the short story book. He will also talk about writing a second short story book and why he categorized them as “ Familographies “ - the purpose is to encourage students to start writing their true stories. 
10:05 am : Welcome Message (Dr. Chandrashekhar Sonwane, AIAA LA LV Section Chair)
10:10 am : Red Rover Driving Simulator (Alan Chan)
11:20 am : Letters from the Cockpit (Maj. Cornelius Neil Cosentino)
12:30 pm : Adjourn (Tentative)
Alan Chan has worked in the visual effects industry for over twenty years, including work on Academy Award winning projects such as James Cameron's "Titanic", Peter Jackson's "Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers" and Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland". An accomplished screenwriter and director as well, Alan indulges in his passion for space by using cutting edge game technology to visualize and explore the planets.
Cornelius Neil Cosentino, retired USAF pilot, 6,000+ hours in fighters, bombers and tankers, commercial and private aircraft. Graduated from the University of Southern California Aerospace Safety management program, Aerospace Consultant in the Middle-east. Airline Transport Pilot, certified flight Instructor in multiengine, and instruments, rated in seaplanes, glides, and helicopters. Author, publisher, owned and operated Air Treasure Cay, an FAA Part 135 air taxi charter service; was engaged in tourism, cruise ship operations and hotel development in the Bahamas; currently CEO of FASTA Florida, a Tampa Bay based Air & Surface Transportation think tank developing a 1st Global airport, and the JRC aircraft for the National Interstate Flyways System ( NIFS ).