Tuesday, December 12, 2023 from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM PST
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Tentative Agenda: (All Time PST (GMT -0800)) (US and Canada)
5 pm: Presentation and Q&A
7 pm: Adjourn.


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American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics, Los Angeles - Las Vegas Section 


AIAA LA-LV 12/12 Section Meeting (On-line)

Tuesday, December 12, 2023, 5 PM - 7 PM PST (GMT -0800)
(US and Canada)

SPACEPOWER-Star Shield, Proven & Patented

Peacemaker for Peace On Earth & Above!

(An AIAA LA-LV Section On-line Meeting)


Mr. Shawn P. Boike
CEO & President of AIC & Insta-Grid
United States Space Force via AIC & Insta-Grid
Los Angeles, CA
(This speaker will present on-line remotely.)

Professor David C. Hyland, Sc.D.

Professor of Aerospace Engineering, College of Engineering
Adjunct Professor of Physics, College of Science
Wisenbaker Chair of Engineering
Director of Space Science and Space Engineering Research,
Texas A&M University (Emeritus)
President, Augusta Quantum Electrodynamics Inc 

(This speaker will present on-line remotely.)



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Tentative Agenda: (All Time PST (GMT-0800))

5 pm: Presentation and Q&A
7 pm: Adjourn.


“SPACEPOWER-Star Shield, Proven & Patented
Peacemaker for Peace On Earth & Above!”

Happy 4th Birthday to our USAF Space Force Association which is celebrating today & tomorrow in Orlando, this is for you & our World’s Future. Now our Space Force Mission is: “Secure our Nation’s Interests In, From, and To Space.” 

We will provide the Solutions to Achieve this with unprecedented Plans, Power, Flexibility, Affordability & unchallenging Leadership, preceding into Peace on Earth & Above. Space-Power-Star Shield(s) has many Satellites made with Solar Microwave Fabrics that can produce over 20+ Terawatts and power & protect the World for many decades & centuries. In addition, we can beam down the power via RF-MW as High-Powered Microwave directly to protected EMP Power station throughout the World. And create efficient, affordable desalination salt water to places worldwide. We can make Space Death rays as High-Power Microwaves for vaporizing threats from space (like Reagan’s Star Wars dream), also vaporize those threats which cannot be captured (space debris), additionally send a tracker beam out to our Mars and other outer planetary craft/transports. 

We win over All Adversaries with SPACEPOWER-Star Shield systems, we can & shall:

1) Dominate the World by Winning Space & own all its Economic advantages. 
a. Space & World Defense Satellite Systems=World Peace
b. Space Beamed Energy with no consumables (goodbye Climate crisis)
c. Information/Communication & Relay systems
d. Weather Control System-entire Earth (goodbye-Climate crisis)

2) Space Debris Eliminator/Vaporizer: Big Problem & can Destroy anything in its path not authorized.

3) EM Attacks on the US: Solar Flares, EMP & Upper Atmospheric Nuclear attacks.
Space-Power-Star Satellites have the potential to transform the global defense & energy industry and are offering investment returns of more than 10,000% in a $18 Trillion/Yr. business. Solar Microwave Fabric is a thin, flexible membrane printed with solar cells for energy collection & microwave rectennas for wireless energy transmission and/or communication. Space-Power-Star refers to the concept of multi-space systems that collect solar power via photovoltaic & then transmits RF-MW rays to EMP Protected power-stations. Space rays for vaporizing threats from space (Reagan’s Star Wars), also threats which cannot be captured as space debris.

(Presentation also intended for: AFA, SFA, NDIA, SAE, SAMPE, SME, ASM)


Professor David C. Hyland, Sc.D.

Professor of Aerospace Engineering, College of Engineering
Adjunct Professor of Physics, College of Science
Wisenbaker Chair of Engineering
Director of Space Science and Space Engineering Research,
Texas A&M University (Emeritus)
President, Augusta Quantum Electrodynamics Inc 

Educated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dr. Hyland served in the areas of reentry system technologies and spacecraft control at the MIT Lincoln Laboratory for 14 years until 1983. He then led an advanced technology group at the Harris Corporation as Senior Scientist until 1996. In the same year, he joined the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, as Professor and Chairman of the Aerospace Department. During this time, the Department’s research activity increased three-fold. He went to Texas A&M University in 2003 as Associate Vice Chancellor of Engineering, Associate Dean of Research Administration. Dr. Hyland also served as Royce E. Wisenbaker Chair of Engineering, Professor of Aerospace Engineering, Adjunct Professor of Physics, and Director of Space Science and Space Engineering Research until his recent retirement from Texas A&M in August, 2017. In September, Dr. Hyland established Augusta Quantum Electrodynamics Inc. Dr. Hyland’s continuing research interests include advanced RF systems, nanotechnologies for power collection and transmission, and quantum processes for novel distributed imaging systems and advanced propulsion.


Mr. Shawn P. Boike

Shawn Boike has worked in Aerospace & Defense, USAF, Space Force, NASA, NSF, Northrop Grumman, Boeing, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, Honeywell, PPG, GM, FORD, McDonnell Douglas and. Over 38 industrious years’ experience in Aerospace & Product Development expert of; 18 Aircraft, >9+ Spacecraft; 5 EV’s & dozens of Land Vehicles/Automobiles. World renowned Aerospace & Defense Expert & Author, Speaker, Moderator & Host (OMICS, SAE, AIAA, AIA, SAMPE, SME). Founder; American Industrial Consultants, Solutioncell, Insta-Grid, Author + MSU & SDSU


Ref: Presentations:
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Slides: https://www.scribd.com/document/643140734/AIAA-PowerStar-2023-May5-SPB-pc
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