Thursday, January 6, 2022 from 10:00 AM to 2:30 PM EST
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Maryland Department of Health
Developmental Disabilities Administration



Online Event 


Choking Prevention and Dysphagia Diets Train the Trainer 

Dysphagia affects 65% of people with Developmental Disabilities.  If ignored it can lead to dehydration and even death.   Agency Trainers and nurses are invited to attend this training to receive tips and techniques to provide in-house training sessions to be given to direct support staff.

This Train-the-Trainer workshop will provide an overview and rationale for the concepts pertinent to train others, with DDA- recommended guidelines, that include training direct support staff working with individuals with a known swallowing disorder, individuals with altered texture diets, individuals with a behavior plan which addresses eating behaviors, food stealing and pica, and individuals who may be at risk for choking.

This session will be part lecture, but much will include demonstration and practice of feeding someone & being fed, food preparation techniques such as chopped, ground, pureed, and the use of thickening agents to achieve varied liquid consistencies. 

Since this is a virtual training, participants will need to verify that they have the following:

1. A working computer or smart phone with internet access

2. A training partner to practice feeding and be fed.  

3. Food, Supplies and Equipment for on site practice.  See Supply List by clicking HERE.

If you have items required, please register.  Only registrants who have pre-requisites will receive the link to the training one week prior.   We hope to repeat the virtual sessions again, so if you are unable to get