Saturday September 13, 2014
11:00 AM to 7:30 PM 

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Paula Ficara
Lead of Programs
Wolf Connection
661- 724-3091 

wolves nuzzling

Kiss Maya

Introduction to Learn
with Lori Spagna

Spend a day with the wolves while learning about Animal Communication and Telepathy PLUS participate in a POWERFUL, LIVE Energy Healing Circle for the Wolves and for All Animals Globally including you and your companions with Internationally Acclaimed, Best Selling Author, Animal Communicator, Intuitive & Energy Healer, Lori Spagna.


A two way dialogue with all animals IS not only possible, it is scientifically valid. Practicing Animal Communication and Telepathy WILL enormously assist animal lovers, trainers, behaviorists, veterinarians, pet store owners, rescue workers, groomers, walkers and anyone else involved in the animal loving community to better understand and serve the animals they work with and live with.

This is an opportunity to learn the basics of how YOU can practice animal communication and telepathy too.

Energy Healing is a process where we use a powerful Universal Life Force which is unconditional and ever flowing energy to actually elevate, uplift and remove denser, heavier energies often associated with physical, emotional or mental illnesses.

The energy we tap into is the same energy that makes up all things in The Universe ~ It is essentially the energetic substance that quantum physics refers to.

This energy healing circle is a special healing, clearing and balancing energy process which will assist with overall healing for the wolves, all animals, and ourselves too. 

Experience it for yourself!

The day will start with an introduction to the Wolf Connection Wolf Pack. Then Lori will give an Introduction to Animal Communication: What it is, why it’s real, how it works and how everyone can do it with ease and grace. After a break for refreshments, you will be guided on a hike through the beautiful desert hills and stream beds. See the world through wolves' eyes as you walk side by side with the pack in the light afternoon breeze. There will be several stops for pictures and snuggles!

We'll return to the heart of the sanctuary for a light lunch and an opportunity to practice Telepathic Communication with the wolves. As the sun gently sets, we'll close out the day with a Live Energy Healing Circle with a meditation for the Wolf Connection Wolves
as well as All Wolves and All Animals Globally.

Cost per person: $195
(includes meal and refreshments) 

100% of all proceeds will be donated directly to The Wolf Sanctuary and to Our Fundraising Efforts.



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