Learn the responsibilities and requirements of the Title IX Coordinator, including taking a case study example from start to finish with template documents you can take with you to help streamline and simplify the process at your home district.  This course is three hours in length, with a break and an opportunity for questions and answers.


Friday, February 19, 2021 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM EST
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This is an online event. 



Sherri Finelli 

Title IX Decision Making & Drafting Reports 

The session will prepare you to draft concise and compliant investigation reports and determinations of responsibility, with checklist templates provided to participants.  It will also  focus on the decision-making and appeals processes for Title IX, including evidentiary issues and grounds for appeals.  This course is three hours in length, with a break and an opportunity for questions and answers.  This course is recommended for all members of the Title IX team, but focuses on decision-making and appeals.  

This training will be live, interactive and virtual.  Participants will be able to ask questions during the training and via the chat feature.  Prior to the training, participants will receive course materials that will include useful tools to assist in compliance. 

Registration is $100.00 per registrant.  

If your district is an existing client of the firm and you would like your registration fees to be applied to your district's monthly invoice, please contact Sherri Finelli at sherri@scottscrivenlaw.com. She will add your fees to the invoice and provide you a discount code to complete your registration.

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