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Heather Prince 
Life Harmony Coaching 

21 Day Meditation Challenge 

Please join me for a 21 Day Meditation Challenge to create more calm and peace in your life.

Inner peace arises naturally as we go beneath the layers of doubt and confusion, fear and anxiety.  It does not

depend on any external state, person, activity or condition, for true peace and happiness can't be conditional

- it can't be dependent on anything or anyone for it to occur.  

By internalising our attention - through relaxation and meditation - we become aware of the depth and beauty

of our own selves. of the value and importance of every moment of life.  

Just stop and be still is all we need to do.  Just be in the stillness, breathing, letting go, being still.  When we

are fully present and experience the moment in the moment, then the way out of the maze becomes clear.

Let me show you how over the next 21 days..... 

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