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Wednesday, March 7, 2018 at 5:00 PM CET
Sunday, March 11, 2018 at 9:00 AM CET

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Holiday Inn at Corby
Geddington Road
Corby NN18 8ET
United Kingdom

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Jill Mason
Office of the Grand Master
+44 7712 768493



Weather and other information

England's weather is unpredictable.  Please refer to the weather predictions on the internet!  However, we will not be outside very much during the Intensive.  House slippers for the meeting room are recommended.  

Transportion information:  The nearest airport is Stansted International.  Because of the excellent service of the National Express Bus Line, Heathrow and Gatwick will be easily accessed direct to Corby.  The Corby train station is 1.5 mile from the hotel.  (an easy hour train ride from London)

Driving is straightfoward as the hotel is just off the A-14.  

More detailed assistance can be gained by contacting Jill Mason, our local organizer.  

Meals:  Meals will be served in the hotel.  A variety of menus will be catered by the hotel:  Traditional including pork, vegetarian, and vegan.  Allergies can be catered for.  Breaks:  The breaks will be provided by the event,  many different drinks and snacks will be available.

Please bring favorite tea or snacks, especially if you are vegan or gluten free, to make sure you have what you need to feel nourished!  



Usui Shiki Ryoho Masters' Intensive
Usui One
with Phyllis Furumoto 
7-11  March 2018
Corby Northamptonshire England 
Notice for those registering after February 14.  We cannot guarantee the cost included in this registration form because we have used the rooms we reserved and will be past the date when we need to confirm rooms.  Please contact Jill Mason before registering so she can check the room availabilty and what the cost will be for you.  

Though Paul Mitchell has participanted fully in the preparation for this Usui One he is not going to be facilitating the event because he is on sabbitcal this year. Meaning he is taking a resting year.  And this will be the last event of Usui One series for Masters.  The last Usui Two will be offering in February 2019.  The Usui One is a pre-requite for the Usui Two.  

The Usui I and II Intensives were offered starting in 1993, after a group of masters from The Reiki Alliance asked Phyllis and Paul if they could describe the system that Hawayo Takata taught.  They both found that they could not articulate the system in language and decided to offer the Intensives to see if "Reiki would teach them" how to articulate the teachings passed to them by Hawayo Takata.  The first Intensive was held at the Reiki Mandala Retreat Center, Wettenbostel Germany, in January of 1993.  

Later in 1993, Phyllis wrote the article for her newsletter outlining the system of Hawayo Takata by describing this form through the 4 Aspects and 9 Elements.  
This articulation of the form allowed for deeper understanding of the system and its relationship to other forms of Reiki practice that were emerging.   Through the convesations during the Intensives, insights that have come from the questioning, and the embodiment of the system form by the hundreds of masters who have attended the Intensives, Phyllis and Paul have  further refined this articulation of the system, meaning that the language describing the form has become more accurate. 
The Masters who have attended Usui One have come from all lineages and forms of practice.  Their one common interest is in learning the form of Hawayo Takata's teachings.  Some masters are reassured, some are surprised.  Some feel as if they have found their teaching "home" and others remain committed to their own form. 
This Intensive concentrates more on the essential nature of the form.  If a master wishes to go further into the actual form of teaching, the Usui II is offered.  The Usui II is a five and half day Intensive in which all questions of the participants are answered, the form of initiation and symbols are given, and the details of teaching are reviewed.  In order to attend this Intensive, a master is asked to attend the Usui I, comtemplate committment to teaching and practicing this system for a period of time (usually 12 months), and come committed to leave one system of practice and adopt Usui Shiki Ryoho.  This can also be a recommitment to the practice of Usui Shiki Ryoho.  
For those interested in attending the Usui I in Corby:  
Arrival:  by 5:00 pm March 7 for dinner and a session in the evening
Departure:  Sunday March 11 after breakfast (no sessions on this day)

Cost:  1200 includes your bed in a two bed- room, meals and breaks, the facilitation of the Intensive, operational expenses and French interpretation. 
A single room is 1380.  

Extraordinary diets may be subject to additional costs.