Monday October 28, 2019 - Sunday November 3, 2019
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Joshua Tree CA



Anna Kramer


6 nights under the stars with Dr. Steven Greer - October 28, 2019 - November 3, 2019

This week long intensive is limited to about 25 registrants and provides for an intensive training program with Dr. Greer. It is also a true expedition, where each night we will go out under the stars for 4-5 hours to make Contact using the very effective CE-5 Contact Protocols.

PLEASE read these details carefully and fully BEFORE you sign up.
During this intensive training program you will learn:
  • How to make contact with ET civilizations using the CE-5 protocols and how to really become an ambassador to the universe
  • Advanced training in mantra meditation
  • Advanced techniques of remote viewing, precognition and the science of consciousness
  • The effects of the Sanskrit Puja as we make sacred the place for contact using this ancient Vedic ceremony
  • An update on world-wide Disclosure Project developments by Dr. Greer and the progress being made with leaders around the world
  • An in depth review of new energy technologies, including free energy from the zero point field, anti-gravity and how the world can be transformed with these new sciences
  • A deep understanding of the next great cycle on Earth: One of universal peace, free energy — abundance and enlightenment through higher states of consciousness
  • How to set up your own contact team in your local area to continue to make contact with ET visitors to Earth!
  • Firsthand information from Dr. Greer about the forthcoming documentary film: Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact. Consciousness. And the Human Future.
We have had situations where people sometimes want to "invite themselves" to our expeditions, so we do not share the exact location until after registration. Anna Kramer will send you where the group will be meeting for the first picnic dinner on Monday, October 28 as well as the afternoon sessions. The afternoon sessions for this expedition will be at a house Dr. Greer has rented between Joshua Tree, CA and Yucca Valley, CA.

The fee of $2,980 is for tuition only. Each participant is responsible for his/her own lodging and food. We will create a closed Facebook page for those who may want to connect to ride share or share rental properties for lodging.

If you have been to a full week expedition in the past, please write to AnnaKramer@SiriusDisclosure.com and let her know which expeditions you attended. We want to train as many new people as possible so we have only a few places for previous attendees. Tuition for returning attendees is $1,730.

Please note that the schedule is quite rigorous and you must participate in all events unless you have an emergency of some sort. Afternoon sessions are from about 2pm - 6pm and evening field work is from about 8pm - 1am. You are expected to sleep from about 2am - 10 am and then meditate and practice remote viewing until lunch time. Evening sessions can be  quite cold because you are outside and quietly meditating or watching the night sky. Please prepare for the night time temperatutes by bringing multiple layers of warm clothing. Bear in mind that you must be able to walk to the field site –as much as 1/2 mile at night with your gear (chair, clothing, etc.).

Cancellation policy:

Tuition cannot be refunded less than 30 days before the training starts, unless someone else can take your space. If STAR cancels the training, tuition will be refunded in full  or optionally applied to another training. Please take out trip insurance if you think this will be a problem. Prior to 30 days we can refund all except $200 which covers our banking/credit card costs.

We understand that not everyone is able to attend the one-week CE-5 Contact Training Expedition with Dr. Greer. For this reason we will periodically offer 2 and 3 day events which you may be interested in attending. To be notified of these events, please be sure to sign up on the mailing list on website: www.doctorstevengreer.com. If you cannot attend one of these events, you may wish to order the comprehensive CE-5 Contact Training Program which contains all that you need to know to form your own Contact Team in your area. You may also be interested in the iPhone or Android apps which contain a complete training program. They are available at your app store with the name "ET Contact Tool." You may also want to watch many of our postings at youtube.com/drstevengreer55 which include workshops focused on making contact.