Isis: Seat of Power

Isis calls you to the Seat of Power
Cast off the shackles of limitation and fear
Tap into the power of Goddess womb wisdom
Claim sovereignty over your Divine Rites of Pleasure & Power
Dare to sit upon the Throne of Isis

Isis: seat of power


Wednesday June 6, 2012
7:00 - 9:30 pm

Doors close at 7:15 pm to preserve sacred space 

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$25 Advance Payment
       $30 At the Door

$20 Student Advance Pay
       $25 At the Door 

Space is Limited
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Rate increases at midnight Monday June 4


3 OMs Yoga Studio
1210 Bay Street
#100 - Upstairs
Bellingham, WA 98225

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Sandy Pendleton
Sacred Sister Circles

Sacred Sister Circles

Women have sat in circle for millennia
Maidens, mothers, crones
Honoring the rhythm of the moon
Laughing, crying, working, celebrating
Sharing stories, imparting wisdom

Come gather in this ancient tradition


Sandy Pendleton
Catalyst for Choice & Change

       - Daughter, Sister, Mother, Crone
       - Empowerment Coach, Teacher
       - Energy Healer, Author
       - Tantric Dance of Feminine Power                        Teacher in Training 

Isis, Great Goddess

Divine Mother
First offspring of Time
Eye of Ra

Mistress of All the Elements
All things forever and eternity

Goddess of Throne
Maker of Kings and Queens
Summons you to sit upon Her Throne


Permission, Pleasure & Power 

The Great Mother Isis was the spiritual authority of Heaven and Earth. Pharaohs, Kings, Queens sought her protection and had themselves depicted sitting on the throne, her ultimate symbol of power and authority. Only by sitting in the lap of the Divine Mother under Her protective wings was a ruler permitted to call upon Her wisdom and power. 

Goddess' womb sources all creation. Goddess is Life, Death and Resurrection. As woman, you too carry this wisdom. Whether you have birthed a child or not, whether you still bleed not not, whether you still carry your womb or not, you hold the Seat of Power within your own body.

The subtle energies of our life-force source from that same Seat of Power. Learning to listen and follow its wisdom with reverence brings exquisite pleasure and untold power. Regardless of trauma, indoctrination, the words or actions of others the Seat of Power and all it’s treasures are yours now and forever. 

Seat of Power Ritual

In the ritual of sacred circle we will explore the dynamics of permission, pleasure and power through self-discovery, sharing, moving meditation and witnessing practices. You are invited to sit in the Seat of Power upon the Throne of Isis to claim sovereignty over your Divine Rites of Pleasure and Power held in the wisdom of your womb.  


What  Women Are Saying...

“I came to know myself on different terms. The experience was deeply relaxing, it opened my heart and allowed me to be more present and grounded. I was a bit intimidated at first but found a new way to be. I like the freedom of choice, being in charge and found a new way to know myself more. Since the Sacred Sister Circle I’ve been able to ride the cycles of life with less stress and I’m taking more time for pleasure in my life.”   
       --- Antje - Student

The ceremony and sacred space created by Sandy was safe enough to reveal how I’ve been tied to duty and obligation. As a result, I’ve begun to let go and am finally allowing more pleasure in my life. Pleasure is good to explore. With power I reclaimed I am more able to stretch myself. I made the space to attend an event I’d wanted to participate in for a long time. 
         --- Lise Flora Waugh - Owner: The Metta Center
            Thai Yoga Therapy Practitioner & Instructor

“It was great gathering with women in a safe space to be in my own experience of exploring my divine sensuality which is so vital to our lives. It was beautiful to hear the story of Isis and link it to power and experience in my own body. I was able to tap into yoni energy that opened up other parts of my body and allowed me to move into a new sensuality that felt really good and was deeply healing.”

    --- Tanya Hladik - Nurturing Sprouts Massage and Doula Services

         The Throne of Isis Awaits Isis throneCome sit in the Seat of Power