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When:  Saturday

September 21, 2013 

9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m  

Light Lunch Included.


Holiday Inn- Boston-Dedham Hotel & Conference Ctr
1 888 465 4329
55 Ariadne Road
Dedham, MA 02026

Free Parking   

Driving Directions 


$120 before August 21st

$165 after August 21st

Comments from New Days 2012 Conference Participants!


Conference was wonderful! Thank you Nora!  

So much love, light, healing and laughter filled the room.  It was AWESOME.  I was smiling all day.  Thank you.  

Excellent speakers and such a great event.  Look forward to the next event!

Great job, great collection of speakers.  Thank you for furthering the movement.

Congratulations! This was the most informative, most professional conference!  It impressive to see how well organized and lunch was delicious.  Thank you Nora!  I look forward to your next conference.

Nora, I do not know you, but I’m so proud of you.  I can feel the energy you have created for many people. Kudos!  I look forward to future events. Thanks for the ‘awakening’.

Thank you for putting together a wonderful conference.  The speakers were inspirational and informative.  The meditative exercises offered by Sandy and Rita were a big plus. 

 Loved it!

 Very well organized event. Informative.  Loved seeing Joan and Sandy and their presentations resonated with me.

Congratulations on manifesting your vision.  It WAS fabulous and touched parts of my spirituality that have not been touched…as my journey continues on a much higher level. Bravo!

Great job! Thanks. Can’t wait until next year.  I was wishing for this!

I would never know this was the first New Day event.  Please don’t change a thing. I will certainly be back next time. J! 


Beautiful day. Thank you all!

The entire day was just informative, uplifting..just fabulous.  I look forward to your next event!

Today is my birthday.  This as the perfect way to spend my day.  You were all amazing.

Fantastic Day!  Thank you.

Overwhelmed with hope and happiness today!  Hope this is the first of many more conferences to come!

I’ve never attended anything like this before but I certainly will attend more.  I liked if VERY much!

Fantastic!  Absolutely the best!

This is my first experience. I received a call from a dear family member at 8pm last night and here I am!  I LOVED IT!  Hope to be with you again.  Yeah! For the crystal bowls!

Steve was a nice end to the conference.

I had a wonderful day!  I met some wonderful people. 

Thank you for an AMAZING day!!

Amazing energy- congratulations!

Please, please please have another seminar like this.  I feel like I have grown so much and the path has been opened for continued growth.

I listened with rapt attention!  Very very good & inspiring. Great experience.

Thank you for the wonderful, inspiring and insightful conference

Excellent! Hope you do it again next year.

Just Great, wonderful. Thank you!!

Fulfill Your Highest Potential! Because You Can!

Join us for this one day conference offering you the some of the best of today’s teachers, healers and authors who come together to SHOW YOU HOW to seize your greatest opportunities for more joy, peace, love and abundance and Live the Life of Your Dreams!

Every day we continue to strive for a greater sense of happiness, balance and health in our lives.  We look for opportunities through our inherent motivation for more peace, love and abundance.  We want to live surrounded by loved ones who accept, allow and understand us.  We desire to feel productive, accomplished and compensated for our work.  We are spurred on to speak our truth and live an authentic life. We seek to unlock ourselves from the shackles of our histories and heal the wounds that continue to cause us limitations and pain.  We seek peace and wholeness.  In some way, we continually desire improvement in our lives.

These accomplished and dynamic speakers come together to offer you the following presentations to help you understand how to Fulfill Your Highest Potential.

Mona Lisa

Heal Your Life – Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz, M.D., Ph. D, Medical Intuitive, best-selling author, radio host will share with us a some of her latest work.  Blending science and spirituality Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz will share information about the energetic centers of the body.  We will learn more about the connection between the energetic/physical body, and the mind.  She will share practical techniques and tools you can use to heal your life.      

Dina Proctor

Transform Your Life in 9 minutes a day - Dina Proctor, Mind/Body Coach, best-selling author, will share her journey through emotional rock bottom to the discovery of how a simple technique she calls 3x3 Meditation transformed her relationships, her body, and her life. We will learn how she uses this technique and how to start a mini-meditation practice to achieve practical results in our own life.  

Sandy Diamond Small PNGFinding Your Pot of Bold! - Sandy Alemian,  Spiritual Teacher, Motivational Speaker, Best-selling Author will share a path to being totally free so that you can find your pot of BOLD, and let the life of your dreams find YOU! "I used to think that performing, pleasing and perfecting my life were the way to GET the life of my dreams. Then I painfully realized...I lost my authentic self in the process." 

Nora Living an Awakened Life – Nora Helbich, Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Teacher will speak about how our challenges are gifts that offer us the greatest opportunities for self-examination and growth.  The stories we tell to ourselves about ourselves determine our approach to each challenge.  They set the tone, like a constant silent prayer from our Spirit that seeks to be more. This is where discovery and healing reside.                   

Steve CoburnAwakening your Inner DreamSong - Steve Coburn, Sound Healer, Yoga/Meditation Instructor will lead a crystal bowl guided meditation to reveal the unique song that resonates within each of us: that lyric and melody that connects us to the Oneness and resonates the beauty of the Divine Self.


Attend this conference and you will gain

Solutions to life’s challenges

The knowledge of How to attract abundance and joy

Techniques and tools to empower yourself

Strength & Courage to follow your dreams


By awakening to a greater understanding of our capacity to affect our mind, body, and spirit, we can examine our lives for opportunities to remove barriers to living our highest potential. 


By blending science and spirituality we can achieve a greater sense of ourselves and our capabilities.   When we create a greater connection and understanding to our Self, we can reveal the hidden ways to heal from our past, remove limitations and activate and awaken our untapped potential.


Please join us for the latest information, techniques and tools to help you live a happier, healthier and more successful life.  Its never to late to be all that you can be. 



Nora Helbich
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