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Join us for Books as Sacrament Nov 20 at 4PM PST~ Ishmael by Daniel Quinn AND Change the Story, Change the Future! By David Korte



Dear Ones,

Gather 'Round the Fires of Consciousness to Explore and Share Awareness

JOIN US FOR a look at these two books that expose the old story that is destroying the planet and offering new awareness and tools to create the new Meta-story of our Times!
Together these two books give us an incisive vision of how to WAKE UP and see where we are still being held captive to an old story that has been unconsciously moving us toward extinction. If we are to have a future as humanity, it is TIME TO CHANGE THAT STORY! These two books give us a means for seeing both the prison bars that keep us captive to that old story and how to move into a more life affirming story.
    Ishmael is a very compelling “thriller” novel that through a mysterious exchange between two beings who are brought together from an add that says: “Teacher seeks pupil. Must have an earnest desire to save the world. Apply in person.” a whole revelation about how we came to be in the chaotic mess we are in now and the story that got us here is revealed. Quite simply, IT IS BRILLIANT AND TIMELY. The details of the old story will be looked at deeply so we can become aware of how to move out of that story. Just for a teaser here is one of the central precepts of the old myth: that the world was made FOR man and man was made and had a destiny to rule it. In that myth we don’t belong to the Earth, the Earth belongs to us.. to do anything we please with! And so in this story we had to conquer nature. You can easily see where that myth is still strongly operating. He goes on to reveal what the natural law of nature is that if we don’t live in accord with, we will quite simply become extinct. Stay tuned. That is what we will talk about in our call!!
 David Kortens book Change the Story Change the Future is a more linear approach to the same questions entertained in story form in Ishmael, giving simple, clear insight as to the principles and values that form the infrastructure that would support the new story emerging. It is Korten’s point of view that “we cannot act coherently as a society without a shared framing story. It defines our shared values and priorities, the questions we ask and options we consider. For this reason, no matter how discredited an established story may be, we cling to it in our public discourse until it is replaced by a more compelling story!! Corporate interests repeat and reaffirm the Money Markets story at every opportunity. 'Time is money.' They use it as a frame for every news report and political debate. They teach it in our schools. And so long as we keep believing it, it defines our future. In truth, every assertion of this Money Markets story is false and grossly misleading. The story is based on bad ethics, bad science and bad economics. We now see the environmental devastation, economic desperation, social alienation and the political corruption this fatally flawed story leaves everywhere in its path..
    The frame on the New Story is simple: Sacred Life. Living Earth, moving from "Time is money" to "Time is Life."(Or as Jose Arguelles says: “Time is Art!”) Those who live in service to life, must organize around the articulation and sharing of a compelling, unifying counter story. We must make the articulation of a Sacred Life and Living Earth story a focal point in all arenas of our lives!” Join us for an exciting look at how to do just that!!
Ps: To prepare for the Books as Sacrament call, both books can be read in short order. Ishmael you will not want to put down! I will also send out a synthesis of the two books about two weeks before the call!!
 In Devotion.. ariel
Join us on Sunday, November 20th, 2022 at 4pm PST 
 In Devotion.. ariel






Sunday, November 20, 2022 from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM PST
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