Tuesday, November 2, 2021 from 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM EDT
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Linda Ferguson 
NLP Canada Training Inc. 

Pick Your Spots 

Could the space around you change the way you communicate? In this workshop we'll use NLP concepts of states, rapport, priming and third position to help you set up your communications for better results.

Neurolingustic programming (NLP) is a set of models and techniques designed to help people make change happen for themselves and others. NLP Canada Training is a leading developer of NLP in Canada: we use NLP to continually update our programs to meet our clients' needs with the best information and the most effective training.

 Please visit our website to learn more about our 8 day (4 weekends) online NLP certification. It's designed to make the best use of your time online so that you can meet your goals, your budget and your schedule.

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NLP Canada Training Online

This program uses the Zoom platform so that we can "breakout" into groups of 2-4 to have conversations and practice the techniques that make a difference. We ask everyone to keep their video and microphones on whenever possible so that we can interact freely. We will never record Zoom sessions.