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Video - Lee Discusses Energy Mastery

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Friday August 21, 2015 at 2:00 PM CEST
Sunday August 23, 2015 at 3:00 PM CEST

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€ 1000 for the 3 day seminar


Sundvolden Hotel 
Dronningveien 2
Krokkleiva 3531

Phone: (+47) 32 16 21 00


Driving Directions 


Special Room Rates at Sundvolden Hotel.

Special Rates per night: 

1090 NOK (€ 132) pr. night in double room and 1290 NOK (€ 156) in single room, including breakfast, lunch and dinner. (The food at this hotel is amazing!)

Special Total Weekend rate:

From dinner Friday to Sunday lunch 2180 NOK (€ 264) in double room, and 2580 NOK (€ 313) in single room, meals included. 

Contact the hotel by phone at (+47) 32 16 21 00 or Email your event registration confirmation to and mention you are attending the Lee Harris Seminar to get the special rate.


If you wish to stay elsewhere, but would like to eat lunch with the seminar group, cost is 395 NOK (€ 48) per day.


Bus available from Gardermoen airport to Sundvolden Hotel. Check for timetable. 

Taxis are available from Gardermoen airport to Sundvolden Hotel.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

Cancellations received 30 days or more in advance of event will be refunded in full.

Cancellations received 14 days in advance of event will be refunded at 50%.

Cancellations made with less than 14 days notice cannot be refunded.

Event Schedule


2.00 - 6.15 pm -  Energy Mastery/Channeling Session

6.15 - 8.15 pm - Dinner

8.15 - 9.30 pm  - Sound Healing Session


9.30 am - 1 pm  - Energy Mastery/Channeling/Sound Healing Sessions

1 - 2.30 pm  - Lunch + Free time 

2.30 - 5.30 pm  - Energy Mastery/Channeling Session 

5.30 - 8.15 pm - Dinner + Free time

8.15 - 9.30 pm - Sound Healing Session


9.30 am -12.30 pm - Energy Mastery/Channeling Session

12.30-1.30 pm - Lunch

1.30-3.30 pm - Energy Mastery/Channeling Session


Lee Harris Energy Team 
Lee Harris Energy 

Please send and email to with NORWAY WAIT LIST in the subject line if you would like to be added to the waiting list for possible cancellations.

Join us for this immersive retreat experience with Lee against the background of Norway's fjords and mountains beside the lush and mysterious woods.

Over 3 days, with the support of Davor Bozic, Helen Roren Loddesol and Oystein Almeland, Lee will take you on an energy ride into higher consciousness and how to apply that through grounded loving and living. Sometimes through sound, sometimes words, sometimes exercises - always pure energy. The end result will be a transformation for you, your life and your forward path. Questions and answers with Lee will feature throughout the sessions, and in a special session on Sunday, the Z's will answer your questions directly.

Maximum 27 Participants

Davor Bozic is a musician/composer and sound healer.

Helen Roren Loddesol is a Reiki Master Teacher and Yoga Instructor who shares energy, breath, and movement practices with individuals and groups.

Oystein Almeland is an osteopath and energy worker who works with the electro-magnetic fields of individuals and groups.

 Feedback on the January Norway Energy Mastery Retreat

"There was a major shift in my energies at 'Energy Mastery'. A big THANK YOU!"  

 A wonderful weekend with Lee and his team. The strong energies, Lee, his channeling and genuine nature, plus fantastic people from all over the world made these days so special. After the retreat I have changed, being more calm and present, in the middle of all my work and projects. No stress or worries ;) 

- Kristin Norenberg. Intuitive Coach, Healer and Author ( 

"My heart has grown all the more bigger and my life has been forever changed!"

 When I first thought about travelling to the other side of the world to attend the inaugural Energy Mastery Retreat with Lee Harris, my inner critic told me that I must be crazy! Australia to Norway is a very long way for a quick visit. Luckily my intuitive voice was stronger. It told me that I would be crazy NOT to go! I was unsure of what to expect and I was curious about the group of 'strangers' that I would be spending 3 days with. Any fears I may have had about making the wrong choice or not fitting into the group were definitely unfounded. On the contrary, I found that I quickly felt at ease and comfortable with the other participants. In fact, by the end of the weekend I felt like I had known some of them for a lifetime! The weekend unfolded into something very special under Lee's gentle guidance, with the help of a great team! 

-Leonie Mahon 

"The energy over the three days was extremely powerful and undeniably palpable." 

 We are all cut from the same cloth and were reunited in Norway by a single golden thread. The conversations we shared, the laughter and the tears, were merely the tip of the iceberg of the deep and profound transformation that took place beneath the surface.  Much love and many thanks to Lee and the team, the Z's, and the other participants for creating the space I needed for healing and a new beginning.

-Zane Pretorius